bill and ted

It’s true.

It seems the moment I realised that I was only to focus on exploring and writing the story and songs for the First Branch of the Mabinogion (as I wrote about in this recent article) strange things began to happen. Dreams, strange synchronistic occurrences, big aha! moments, the melody to songs forming seemingly from out of nowhere, and a constant feeling of being observed and, in a very real way, guided.

As part of the Journey I’m creating an altar at home in my studio room dedicated to Arawn, Rhiannon, Pryderi and Pwyll, and Cerri is making me a bronze horse-head pendant in honour of Rhiannon. It looks like we will be heading to Wales during May to visit some of the places from the First Branch, and that week I’ll be focussed on completing the spoken word section of the album. Then I plan to have 6 songs intermingled with the spoken word at specific areas to draw us in deeper, and to also act as a musical score to the spoken word.

That’s the plan.

As they said in Stingray, anything can change in the next half hour, so we shall see.

But one thing is for sure – there is some interest in this from an altogether Other place, and I welcome that guidance.