Tea with a Druid 136

Tea with a Druid 136

If you go to the Facebook page of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids on Mondays at 8 pm UK time you will see a live broadcast the Order calls Tea with a Druid. It’s a short live stream that can include a talk, story, and meditation and they are very popular and, like my Facebook House Concerts, have helped to bring the community together throughout the pandemic.

On Monday I hosted the stream and I’m posting it here so if you missed it you can see it. I talk about the Mabinogion (there’s a surprise!), about it’s history, magic, and how I came to get obsessed by it. I also sing a song too, and lead a short guided meditation. The audio for the stream isn’t as clear as my House Concerts, but that’s only really noticeable during the song, so I do hope you enjoy the 37 minutes of video.

These Teas happen every week, so if you enjoy this one, do check back on Mondays at 8 pm UK time for more.

3 responses to “Tea with a Druid 136”

  1. Wow.Somehow stumbled across this and I’m very glad I did ! A tantalising glimpse of things below the surface that mean something, words spoken with honesty, A beautiful voice and a twinkling eye. Thank you so much for creating calm amidst a difficult time.

  2. I think this was my favourite Tea with a Druid so far (and I’ve watched them all). There was something very powerful about it, especially the sword and Awens at the end. I must admit I’ve never really understood (although I have tried) why the Mabinogian means so much to so many people and why they seem to get so much from the characters in the stories. But you’ve given me a first glimpse of why that is and will try and get hold of the translation you recommended so I can try and see past the surface for myself. Thank you Damh.

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