Y Mabinogi – The Third Branch – Trailer

Y Mabinogi – The Third Branch – Trailer

Coming Spring 2020 – Y Mabinogi – The Third Branch – Damh the Bard

As the 7 survivors of the war return to the Island of the Mighty, they find a landscape changed and a new King upon the throne. Little do they know the eyes of the Grey Folk are already watching their every step, drawing the Mists of Annwn around them, once more.

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Enjoy! And not long now!

(Video created by Zakk Smith)

5 responses to “Y Mabinogi – The Third Branch – Trailer”

  1. Ooh …… Can’t wait for Spring to come …. you have teased us with this trailer and given me something to look forwards to . A time when I can sit quietly with a particularly nice single malt in my hands and let my mind drift into the story …..

  2. As soon as it is released, I’ll be ordering it and playing it on Between the Worlds as I have the first two.

  3. YES…..So looking forward to this! I will listen to it first by itself of course. Than I shall lose the better part of a day as I intend to listen to all three branches. I expect it will be as good as a movie marathon if not better!

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