dscf2223Well, 2009 is now here, but what of 2008? I have to say that, if 2006 was the year I finally decided to put my all into my music, then 2008 was the year it all started to come together. A new album that has received positive reviews all over the world, a song book of my first three albums, gigs almost every weekend including overseas concerts, my songs being covered by other recording artists, I’ve met the most beautiful people playing smaller home concerts, it was truly a wonderful year.

I started playing the guitar when I was 8 years old, so it’s not been quite an overnight, X Factor thing for me, but 35 years later and I feel I can finally call myself a professional musician, and it feels so good, a dream. So thank you 2008, and to everyone who has sung along with me live, or to my music in your homes, to everyone who is strumming along and hopefully writing your own songs, who has taken time out to travel and see a show, to all of you who read my blog, get my newsletter, listen to the podcast, to everyone who has come to the Long Man of Wilmington to one of our rituals, or our camps, to the musicians I’ve played with, and everyone else.

I write my music because I love the tradition, I love this land and our Old Ways, and it’s the most wonderful thing in the world to be able to share that with you. So please allow me a gushy moment to thank you.

So have a wonderful 2009! I do hope our paths will meet this year and if they do, come and say hello!!