Video of House concert 49

Video of House concert 49

Greetings my friends!

Here is the video of House Concert 49 streamed live on Facebook and YouTube on Saturday 27th April. Another fabulous evening – this one was a celebration of Beltane and Spring. The internet connection had some issues for a couple of songs but then I realised that DropBox was backing up a huge file and when I turned that off things settled down. Also, this was broadcast from my new iMac and I was confused by the huge thumbs-up images that kept appearing – I later found out that it was a ‘feature’ of the latest MacOS that was turned on by default. It kept thinking I was giving a thumbs up as I was playing guitar. It made me smile, but I’ve turned them off for next time. 

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NB: This video will remain live until the next House Concert which will be on Saturday 25th May at 8 pm UK time.

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