New Album release date – Raise the Flag of Green

New Album release date – Raise the Flag of Green

Greetings my friends!

The blog has been quiet recently as I’ve had my head down getting things all wrapped up on the new album. The good news is that it is finished and has been sent off to the disc manufacturers and also uploaded to all of the download and streaming services ready for the launch date which be, all things going well, the 10th of May.

Cerri has once more worked her magic with the album cover artwork, and you can see the song listing here. I cannot wait for you to hear the songs. It’s been quite some journey creating this album, writing through the Pandemic, and then other life changes, but one of the things that has kept me centred and hopeful throughout it all has been my Pagan path – I think that is reflected in the songs.

The title track is dedicated to the time between the Spring Equinox and Beltane, as all the hedgerows Raise the Flag of Green. Without a doubt my favourite time of year.

Well, it’s nearly time for me to hop in the car and head to Ely for my gig at the Greenoaks Gathering tonight.

Much love to you all!

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  1. Wonderful Damh. I’m sure we’ll love it. Cerri’s artwork is magnificent as usual. Is there a pre buy preorder site?

    • Thank you! No not yet. I need to be sure I’ll get the CDs here in time. I might create a pre-order for downloads though.

  2. Amazing news! I can’t wait to listen to it all having heard so many of the new ones live at your online house concerts.
    We’re coming to see you play at the Glastonbury Assembly rooms in May and are really looking forward to the gig.

  3. I have ringed 10th May on my calendar & eagerly await this new album. Blessing & love to you & Cerri✌️✌️

  4. Thank you Damh with all my heart. Truly. For the past few years a darkness has lingered upon my being. I worked through the pandemic and ever since these lingering shadows have not fallen away.
    I’ve also strayed from the path, lost my way amongst the trees. It seems this forest had remained forever winter, leafless, barren and dark.

    I awoke this morning to read your blog and the lyrics of your new album. They have already lifted me in various ways. Tales of Spring into Summer, tales of bygone days ( I was born in 1969 so I remember the chopper bikes ), tales of love everlasting ( such a beautiful song you wrote for Cerri ), tales of gratitude and expectation of better things to come,
    the green approaching and the warmth of the sun.

    Reading these lines has already worked its magic. More than you can know. I think this album will be my gateway back and become ritual for every year to call in the green.

    This album will be amazing Damh, you’ve touched my heart as it will certainly touch many thousands more.

    Already I see light shining through the trees,
    No longer so dark, a path to follow there seems,
    The sun is showing, marking the way,
    With its many beams, I can no longer stay,
    I will follow the light because come what may,
    A new season is dawning,
    The green is calling,
    To herald the start of this new day.

    Thank you again and many blessings of the season to come and my sincerest well wishes for the new album. Thank you for lighting the way again as you have done for many years past.


    Suzanne ☀️

  5. Being so entranced by your amazing lyrics Damh I neglected to give thanks to Cerri for her amazing art on the cover of the new album.

    Cerri thank you again for your beautiful art
    This one is so uplifting, welcoming and best of all so much fun. The perfect image to adorn this new album. The blue of the sky and the greens herald sunny days ahead.
    You are both amazing and the perfect partnership and thank you again for all you do

  6. So looking forward to having a copy of your latest album and what a beautiful job Cerri has made of the cover, lovely artwork. South Cambs is getting a soaking again just now, hope you stay dry in Ely tonight. Thank you for the music.

  7. So looking forward to hearing this, a huge thank you. Nothing beats a proper CD and wonderful artwork. Us oldies like downloads but love physical disks. Peace love and blessings x

  8. I just love your music, Damh. The House concerts got me through the difficult time everyone on Earth shared. I am looking forward to adding this collection to my favorites playlist before heading to the MAGUS OBOD camp on May 14th.

  9. Hi! This is so exciting! We have been wanting to add more seasonal music to our rituals. Your music will be a most welcome addition. We can’t wait to purchase your new album, and Cerri’s cover art is gorgeous!

  10. Wow, Dave I am blown away from reading the lyrics of your songs on your new album!!!! Cerri, the artwork on the cover is so beautifully cool!!! I am excited for you, the release and getting a copy!! I shed a few happy and tender tears from just reading the lyrics. Outstanding storytelling!!! Looking forward to listening even more now after this update!!!! Warm blessings ❤️

  11. This is good seeing this blog on the official Obod website. I’d like to keep in contact more but this seems to be the best way.

    The album sounds great. Looking forward to it and the latest episode of druid cast.

    I can relate 100% my pagan path has also helped me in my hermetic album creating process as well.

    Merry meet!

  12. Merry meet damn and cerri + dog, thankyou for your recent email ,it’s very much appreciated, Keep up the good ongoing work, I send you all the blessings off good will, kindness and love.

    Blessed be my friends
    Blessed be”

  13. Bless you Sir ,for the sunlight in your song to the music in your thoughts you share . Merci From France mon Ami.

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