Tea with a Druid – with Damh the Bard

Tea with a Druid – with Damh the Bard

Every Monday at 8pm UK time the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids do a live stream via their Facebook and YouTube sites for about 20 minutes to half an hour called Tea with a Druid, a very informal chat or meditation to bring the community together all over the world. They are public so open to OBOD member and non-member alike, and last night I was asked to be the Druid people had a tea with. A talked about Druid as a verb, Animism, and the Bardic inspiration within children’s stories.

So grab a tea, click the picture below, and join me for the replay!

4 responses to “Tea with a Druid – with Damh the Bard”

  1. I love tea with a Druid & I love Damh the bard!! Can’t believe I couldn’t watch live! Looking forward to catching up with a coffee ❤️

  2. I watched it live, and it was a brilliant episode of Tea with a Druid. I never miss an episode, and I never miss one of your House Concerts. Thank you Dave!

  3. One of the loveliest and most meaningful Tea with a Druid episodes I’ve ever watched. Thank you Dave.

    So much of my own truth was presented in such a personable, down to Earth sharing (with hundreds of watchers :D) I was lost in it all ..

    You are my favourite pagan musician, too, absolutely, because your voice and playing is beautiful, but your story-telling is in it’s own, breathtakingly beautiful, league. You bring the myth to life for me in a way that others haven’t.

    Thank you, Damh the Bard. ❤️

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