Looking back at what was, and looking forward to what is to come

Looking back at what was, and looking forward to what is to come

First post of 2016, and happy new year!

I love seeing the creative things people do with my songs on YouTube and this is a beautiful video for this time of year. The January Man, looking back at what was, and looking forward to what is to come.

Blessings of the season.


5 responses to “Looking back at what was, and looking forward to what is to come”

  1. Lovely and calming at this strange time of year. A highlight of the year past was getting a Damh the Bard welcome hug at the summer gathering. You are so very present and authentic in all that you do, thank you.

  2. Always such a lovely song to hear – thanks for sharing this, with such evocative photos as well! There is one thing that has confused me, though, since I have fully embraced my Celto-Pagan and Druid self and begun to fully celebrate the wheel of the year. In embracing the cycle of that wheel, I have come to celebrate Samhain as my New Year, and I have found that I became increasingly more distant from the celebrations of the modern world’s customary New Year celebrations and reflections. I found that something Christian Brunner said recently really resonated with me: he said that it seemed to him that at Samhain we turn inward, to enter a time of introspection until Yule, when we emerge from that state to affirm that the wheel was turning once again toward the light (not an exact quote, of course, and as a disclaimer I didn’t revisit the comment before paraphrasing here). I felt that this resonated so strongly with my own experience over a lifetime that I resolved to have this become a conscious practice for me going forward. In spending time reflecting on my Autumn transition this year, I felt that process to be so complete that I found no need of doing it again for the Gregorian New Year, and chose to spend the evening watching a film with a friend at home.
    So I’m wondering, how do you, and how do other Celto-Pagans and Druids resolve this contradiction? would love to hear feedback!

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