Hello 2024!

Hello 2024!

2023 has been and gone.

I stood in our garden with friends beside a fire and bid farewell to quite a complicated year as the bells tolled and the fireworks exploded. If I’m honest I wasn’t sad to see it move on and make way for something new. I realise on one level it’s just another date, but I enjoy the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and have a sense of a new beginning.

There were a lot of highs in 2023, but also some very deep lows. The lows have taught me a lot – I’ll just leave it at that for now. Some of those Journeys are ongoing.

The highs were my live shows. Sometimes in 2022 when I arrived at big festivals and conferences I still had a psychological hangover from the pandemic. I’d not experienced crowds for nearly three years and I wasn’t that comfortable being in the spotlight again. In 2023 that all changed and I loved being with you all at the festivals and camps, really feeling part of our vibrant and alive community again.

I also had one professional vocal coaching session with a very well-known vocal coach who had worked with some amazing singers – it was only an hour long but after that time I understood my voice in ways I’d never experienced before. I fell in love with the freedom and expression of singing again.

So, goodbye 2023, what will 2024 bring?

I have more time to focus on my music this year, in fact, on all of my creativity. There will be more regular blogs, and there will also be some travelling, so expect more Green Grimiore videos with Cerri too. There will be an album of songs released this year – I know, I’ve been promising that for some time, but everything is in place to make it happen and I can’t wait for you to hear the recorded versions of my new songs, many of which you will have heard me play live either in-person or on my online House Concert shows. I’ve also written the spoken word for the Y Mabinogi – The Fourth Branch album, so expect that in 2024 too! Yes, this could be a two-album year!

In many ways, I’ve felt like I’ve been treading water since the pandemic arrived in 2020.

Now is the time to go swimming again.

Exploring new waters and remembering those lovely familiar shores.

So here’s to a wonderful 2024 my friends! I look forward to seeing you in person or online and let’s make this a good one!

19 responses to “Hello 2024!”

  1. Honestly, Damh, it is such a relief to hear someone else say out loud that they haven’t been the same since the pandemic. I think it’s taken far more out of us than we realise.I was emailing a friend across the pond last night , who has been quite low , and agreeing that 2023 has been quite a rough year , and I am quite ready to turn to a fresh , blank page and start afresh. Wishing you and Cerri ( and Oscar ) every blessing for 2024 as you are all such a blessing to the rest of us . Xx ✨

  2. I too share your hopes for a much better year in 2024. After three years during which we had covid restrictions, during which I lost my mum and couldn’t be with her; followed by my father’s death at the end of 2022. Then the hopes for 2023, restrictions lifted and we could live again and then, early in the year, my husband Sam had his lymphoma diagnosis. I really didn’t think we could get any lower. By September Sam was in remission and still is. 2024 now calls and I can only hope that it will be kind. I hope it’s kind to you Dahm, we all need a break and time to draw breath again.

  3. Thank you so much Dear friend.
    Your output helped so many through the darkest days of the pandemic and I am glad you too have/are adjusting to the new realities we all have to embrace now.
    2024 we greet you, let the music begin anew, and may we all hear and know the hope on the wind of tomorrow.
    Love to you and Cerri and all who share your hearth and home,
    Shaun xx

  4. I am so looking forward to Y Mabinogi – The Fourth Branch.
    2023 was not at all kind to me, so hopefully 2024 will be an improvement for all.
    Sending ear-scritches for Oscar.

  5. WASSAIL! And a very happy new year to you & your loved ones.
    It does feel good close the chapter of 2023 and to look forwards to a fresh new year unfurling. I wish the World a new era of peace where every being can find the love and depths of the still well of tranquility within each soul. May we all find a loving, calm and gentle peace shared within the world. Love and blessings, may snowdrops light your pathway into spring /|\

  6. What a wonderful message for me this morning!! So happy new songs album coming, so love your music… Thank you for the beauty and light you and Cerri bring to our world. Happy New Year❣️Les & Dancing Hands

  7. The New Year is sounding pretty exciting ~ bringing in delightful energies for you!!! Plus, we all can look forward to your upcoming music!!!! Warm New Year wishes to you and everyone!!!

  8. Looking forward to Green Grimiore videos and to see Cerri!!! You two warm my heart!!!! A great team you make!!!! Lovely videos.❤️

  9. Here’s to a happy and blessed New Year to you and Cerri !
    I have to say, this has been a both one of the best and worst years of my life, best in starting my path into Druidry, worst for reasons I won’t get into…
    Like you,I am very glad to see 2023 behind us, and look forward to new things to come.
    Bless you both !!!

  10. New Year blessings to you, Cerri and Oscar! You kept us going during the pandemic with your posts and house concerts. Hoping this will be a good year for you.xx

  11. I’m excited for you Damh and for all of us. You and your art bring so much enjoyment and happiness to my life. I often struggle to stay engaged and plugged in to my OBOD community and studies. Your craft, and that of all the other creative Pagans in this wonderful adventure, gives me that life line I need to feel part of something. Thanks!

  12. You answered my question before I could ask it! I’ve been wanting to hear the 4th branch of the Mabinogion.
    May you be blessed with an abundance of Awen!

  13. Happiest of the New to you and yours my friend! Wishing you, Cerri and sweet Oscar a splendid year of new! Blessings in abundance for you all!

  14. Thank you so much for all you do, Damh. Seeing your live show in Glastonbury in March was a true highlight of the year for me. I couldn’t believe the energy and brilliance of the whole evening. It was inspiring. Blessings for 2024.

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