Hello 2023!

Hello 2023!

A couple of weeks ago a new year began and I’ve been thinking about this coming year and what it may bring. I love the new year’s opportunity to recapitulate, regroup, and begin to look forward and plan the next 12 months. 2022 felt a little like the year was placed into a holding pattern for me, and now the plane has landed and is ready to take off for new destinations.

So what are those destinations?

I’ve booked a lot more festivals and camps this year. Not too many but more than last year – as they are confirmed I’ll be popping them onto my Events page here on the website. Some I’ve played before and a couple of brand-new experiences. I’ve been booked to play on the acoustic stage at this year’s Rebellion Punk festival! I’ve not had confirmation of the day I’ll be playing just yet but when I do I’ll add that to the events listings too. Bad Manners, New Model Army, UK Subs, Ruts DC, Ferocious Dog and me! Get ready for some Pagan folk my punk friends! My son’s band Chub are also booked to play the Introducing Stage, so a proper punk family affair it is!

There will be a new album of songs this year. I’m hoping it will be out by June as I’ve only got 3 or 4 more songs to write and record. So far I have to tell you I’m so happy with the new songs. If you’ve been tuning into my House Concerts (which will also continue online) you will have heard most of them – and I’ll also be playing them at my gigs this year.

I’m returning to the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms for a concert on the 24th of March – the first one since 2019. I put the tickets on sale at 1 am and the concert was sold out by 6 pm the next day! After all this time you are still there my friends! I can’t tell you how excited I am for the live shows this year. It feels like something has moved back into place after the craziness of the Pandemic. I’m feeling closer to the Land, the Gods and my Path than I have for many years, and I cannot wait to be with you in person again, in some field or conference centre, somewhere in the UK. I have plans for more tour dates in the Autumn so again, keep an eye out on the events page.

The blog has been quiet. I wondered if people still read blog posts in this age of Social Media, but I want to write more here. Use this space to explore ritual, music, magic, and seasonal thoughts. So expect blog posts to appear more regularly than they have been. I’ve even started a TikTok account as so many of you are on that platform now. It’s actually quite fun but I’m so obviously a TikTok beginner…

Two new instruments made their way into the family recently – an Anglo-Saxon Lyre and a Tagelharpa. There is no doubt these ancient instruments will influence new songs and I love the connection they bring to the Ancestors by simply playing them. In the Spring I’ll be taking them out into the woods and to the seashore here in Sussex to sit and play them for the Spirits there. They will have heard their voices before, but not for a very long time. Music is magic, and when we play music out in Nature, the trees, plants, animals, birds, and those Spirits unseen turn their heads and listen. I’ll be listening too, to their voices, to sing their tales, and continue to give voice to the Old Ways.

Thank you for being there. For reading these words, for listening to my music, for tuning in online, for following me on Social Media, for singing and dancing at the live shows. May 2023 bring you wonder and joy.

Peace, and blessed be.

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  1. In some ways it seems as if we were in a suspended loop of time, and now finally time is flowing forward once again. Which is odd when I think about it, because time isn’t truly linear. Or maybe time is linear and it’s experience or consciousness which flows in loops and eddies and spirals. Who knows? **shrugs and smiles**

    It’s lovely to connect with you here on the blog. It holds a sense of peace which is hard to feel on facebook with so many things competing for attention.

    May this year bring you wonder and joy as well, and may the music flow!

  2. I absolutely read your blog posts. They stand tall and proud. It’s so easy to miss them on other platforms.
    2023 sounds like it’s off to an exciting start and I can’t wait for the rest to begin revealing itself.

  3. Hi, yes, people still read blogs!! Love the house concerts. Please play Miss Lyre as often as possible. She’s an amazing instrument. Hope you visit the USA, east coast, sometime this year.

    • I too enjoy your blog and it seems worthy of mentioning that not all of us have succumbed to social media. I have a FB account but am rarely on there and many of my Pagan and Witchy friends are the same way. TikTok holds no appeal and in the US many work places don’t allow workers to use the platform on company phones.
      At any rate,my point is to say please don’t abandon those who are not on social media. We may not always comment but like forces of nature we are quietly listening.
      Blessed Be….

  4. 2023 Greetings!
    I absolutely read your blog. I loathe Social Media, and am so glad you post here!

    Blessings and safe travels as the Wheel turns.

  5. Dear Damh- I absolutely read your blog posts! Love the reflective quality and depth…truly, through your music and the posts, I feel that recognition of your Soul essence…not in a creepy way of course! Just a kindred way.
    Indeed, one of the highlights of 2022 was the time Miles and I spent with you and Cerri. I’d wanted to climb the Tump since reading Philip’s book, and you took us there without me even asking! Thanks for our special time at the Long Man, and the Ancient Yew. It was so magical to walk through the Gateway in the Trees that you showed Miles…truly a sacred and spontaneous moment!
    I hope to be back in the U.K. in late summer. I need to bring copies of my book for restocking and also do some readings. Maybe my visit will coincide with one of your concerts— that would be fun!
    With heartfelt Blessings and Gratitude— thank you for being a Pagan Punk Light in the World!

  6. I am such a fan of your blog posts, Damh! I found them a couple of years ago midway through high school and have been quite a subscriber since. Looking forward to exploring more thoughts on the seasons, ritual, music and magic with you this year

  7. Hey Damh,

    Of course we read your posts! Written ideas are always best, you can re-read them, meditate over them, and metabolize the concepts in a much deeper way.
    Youngsters will understand this in due time 🙂
    Saw you with the lyre and could feel the love-at-first-strum vibe between you two. To me those lyres are even better companions than the guitar, they are so friendly and gentle.
    Looking forward to listen to the tagelharp.
    Apologies for not following you to tik-tok me friend, facebook and youtube are enough social media for me, need the time to read 🙂
    All the best for this 2023, watch and listen to you next house concert.
    Blessings from Argentina

  8. Please keep your blog posts going. I love reading them they make me feel connected to the Pagan Community. I also enjoy your House Concerts & I’m glad that they will continue. I’ve been planning for the coming year too. I aim to get out & about into the local woods & those further afield too. I feel invigorated by Nature & wild places. I am goong to journey into my inner being &, while not ignoring the rest of the world, concentrate on me & my needs for a change. Already I feel calmer just planning this.
    Love, Peace & Brightest of Blessings.

  9. i always read your blogs! love them! may you have a wonderful year playing all the gigs you have lined up!!! and please keep the house concerts coming as i really enjoy them. they are the only way i will ever see you live lol. i am stuck in the USA….cant ravel abroad. peace.

  10. Another one here who doesn’t use social media. I have a Linked-In account, but very rarely visit it, (like about two or three times a year) and I don’t even have an account with any other social media. So please, please keep writing your blog; it is very much appreciated.

  11. Dear Damh, I am another person who loves your blog and always makes sure to read it. Every time there is an insight or gift of some kind, spiritual, artistic, cultural, or simply personal. Thank you so much. You cheer many hearts with your kindness and wisdom.
    Bright blessings! Ann

  12. I love reading your blog posts, please keep them coming! I’d rather read a post where I can build the image on my own vs. a tik tok but that’s just me – old school. I agree with earlier posts about how wonderful it would be to see/hear a video of you playing these beautiful ancient instruments for nature- but not on tik tok please! LOL. I love that you’re sharing your path with us, it’s much appreciated and a real treat for me since I’m a solitary practitioner- even more so in recent years LOL Your messages resonate with me as we’re on similar paths. Seeing a new blog post is like getting the latest edition of a favorite publication in the mail so please keep posting if you’re able 🙂

  13. I wonder whether your two new instruments will influence the songs you write? I presume songs arise at least in part in response to the particular type of instrument playing it. It will be interesting to see how much it tweaks or even pushes your style in a new direction.

  14. Hello Damh,

    Just a quick note to say I wholeheartedly agree with posting more on your blog. A proper website or blog is more like an album by an accomplished and respected artist, or a foraged meal that was still growing less than an hour earlier. Fakebook and Trashtok are more like the Nyan cat video or a polystyrene tray of dry chips. They may be more popular because they’re quick and convenient, but they’re vacuous nourishment-devoid junk in comparison. I’m sure they’re not completely without virtue, but if aliens landed, I know which I’d be more proud to show-off to them!

    I’m not saying get off antisocial media, but I think your blog is far better and therefore needs to remain in parallel to antisocial media, and if you ever find you only have the resources for one, please consider prioritising the blog, e.g. posting your main things on your blog and just having a quick “look at my blog” post on the other platforms.

    With a website or blog, your audience is deliberately choosing to engage with you. There’s nothing else competing for their attention, they’ve come for you. It’s a much calmer, less stressful experience and it’s a mindful experience.

    I have a fakebook account but haven’t logged-in this year and haven’t really posted or done anything with it for several more. I only retain it as a convenient way to watch your house-concerts.

    I’m thrilled you’re experimenting and learning with the Anglo Saxon Lyre. I bought one a year or so ago. It’s very difficult not to get a great sound out of it. The limited range available on mine makes composing/playing specific melodies very difficult and restricting, but the sound is absolutely glorious and even randomly strumming strings can often sound like a beautiful composition in itself. I can’t wait for your new album.

    BB /|\

  15. Hi Damh,
    Another one here who loves reading your blog posts & purposefully avoids social media! I often feel saddened that there seems to be a dwindling ability to connect or hear from artists such as yourself outside of sm- while of course it’s a useful tool, I suspect as time goes on more people will mindfully turn away from it. It’s always a pleasure reading your thoughts, musings & news:-) I look forward to hearing more of your adventures with the new additions to your musical family..if I hear a lute playing on one of my woodland strolls (also living in Sussex) I’ll know who it’s likely to be 🙂
    Brightest blessings,

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