Book Review – The Assembly of the Severed Head by Hugh Lupton

Ok. I'm a Mabinogion groupie. Pretty much any book that has been written about The Four Branches is either sitting on my shelf, or is on a wish list. The journey I'm currently going through, recording the Four Branches in story and song has only made my

Thinking About – Ghosts

Something different today. I love a good ghost story. If I think back my earliest encounter with the ghost story was probably Scooby Do, and when I was really small some of those stories used to scare me. The weird thing was I enjoyed being scared, at

The Old Bearded Man – Spoken Word

Yesterday I was asked by my pals at the Folkcast podcast to create an audio spoken word piece for one of their forthcoming seasonal shows. The piece they asked for was one of my recent posts - The Old Bearded Man - based on the myth of

The Bones of Albion – Our Stories and our Songs

A year or so ago a friend of mine mine recommended that I watch a film. It was called Dreamkeeper, and is the tale of a Native American Grandfather, travelling to a tribal gathering, being driven there by his teenage grandson. The grandson has been seduced by

A Celtic Creation Story – Audio

I love creation stories and sometimes feel sad that time has not left us a Celtic creation story. We know that the tribes of Iron Age Europe held the three realms of Land, Sky and Sea as sacred so I wanted my story to focus on them.

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A Tale for Lughnasadh

The long days of Summer are beginning to draw in as we make our way towards Autumn. The first harvest is being collected as the golden fields give up their gift of abundance and John Barcleycorn is cut down at the knee. I always have mixed emotions

Blessings of the Sun Reborn!

On December 21st in the northern hemisphere the Sun begins its Winter Solstice. For three days he will rise at the same spot, and travel the same arc in the sky, but on the 25th that arc will take its first visible rise, and the days will

The First Part, of the First Branch, of the Mabinogion

My good friends Gary and Ruth at the Celtic Myth Podshow are currently dramatising the Four Branches of the Mabinogion on their wonderful show. In this first section I play Arawn, the King of Annwn, and Cerri plays his wife. I think Gary and Ruth have done

It’s a boy, no a girl, no – It’s a film!

On the 30th April 2011 the cast and crew gathered in a woodland in Sussex to begin filming Sprit of Albion, the Movie. Before we did anything else we held hands in a circle and asked for the blessings of the Spirits of the Land and of the

Proof and Faith

Yesterday I read with interest a blog post by my friend and Druid author Kristoffer Hughes and it got me pondering my own relationship with Celtica and Druidry. The original blog post is here.  I too was originally drawn to Druidry through its connection with the 'Celtic'

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