A Celtic Creation Story – Audio

450px-Cornish_coast_from_above_Crookmoyle_Rock_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1578216I love creation stories and sometimes feel sad that time has not left us a Celtic creation story.

We know that the tribes of Iron Age Europe held the three realms of Land, Sky and Sea as sacred so I wanted my story to focus on them. Don, Llyr and Beli Mawr being the Gods who connect with those realms.

So, it’s story time folks.


4 responses to “A Celtic Creation Story – Audio”

  1. Well that is a great story, lovely with the sounds behind your voice. A beautiful picture you’ve ‘painted’ of the creation of the three realms. Thank You. /|\

  2. Beautiful 🙂 I was there totally 🙂 and then the story ended … 🙁 so well told … Please consider telling us more!

  3. That was very beautiful, very magickal, i fully enjoyed it, i think all who adore you, are eager for more stories, you are food to the pagan soul!
    Bleesed Be

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