The Old Bearded Man – Spoken Word

The Old Bearded Man – Spoken Word

Yesterday I was asked by my pals at the Folkcast podcast to create an audio spoken word piece for one of their forthcoming seasonal shows. The piece they asked for was one of my recent posts – The Old Bearded Man – based on the myth of the dying and resurrecting Corn God.

Well, of course I said yes. So here’s the recording. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. damh – I lost my beloved father yesterday & I found this today. it made me cry, as your words always do, especially as I am a brit marooned in the USA & your love of country & our ancient ways always brings tears to my eyes. I found your words strangely comforting. cant type for crying, mind you….. I will be return to my much loved homelad with my American hubby for the funeral & we will go to stonegenge & avebury & visit the cerne abbas giant with your music playing in your ears via mp3, as we always do when we return…. “as I walk on this green land, the land that I love….” because the spirit of albion is indeed calling me home….. to lay my wonderful father to rest….. to summerland…. I love you for eternity Dade……

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