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A Pilgrimage to Herne’s Forest

The tree had lived for at least 600 years having fallen from its parent as an acorn whilst England was in the grip of the Black Death. It knew the land before combustion engines when all around was silent, but for the falling hooves of passing horses. It had seen peace, and it had tasted

Thinking About – The ‘Natural World’

Is that lake natural or man-made? Druidry is a spiritual path that allows a deeper connection to the Natural World. I’ve heard these two statements spoken many times but I wonder how helpful they really are. The first one doesn’t have to refer to a lake, it can be a forest, a garden, a landscape.

Seems like I was had by the 1st April…

Ok. So it looks like the Boudicca’s grave story is an April Fools joke. Sorry if it got your interest folks. I was had good and proper. As these stories can go viral, I’ve deleted all of my comments and posts about it just in case anyone else had their hopes raised. Just wishful thinking

Website and Blog back online!

Whew! Ater just over a week I can now thankfully start to post here again. I love this website, and communicating with you all through my blog, so it’s been hard to hold back writing, but here we are, back on line. I’ve got to keep an eye on things over the next few days,

Website issues…

Sorry that things have been a little quite on the blog over the past week. A week ago my web server changed some of their security settings and made this announcement: “This web server is currently the target of a huge distributed denial-of-service attack. During this time, websites hosted on this server may be unreachable.

DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 84

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 84 Smeòrach Chlann Dòmhnaill (The Mavis of Clan Donald) – Julie Fowlis - Beltane Faerie Tale – Ferdiad.  Backing harp music – Claire Hamilton - Sacred Wells and the Beheading Game – Professor Roland Rotherham - I wish I was a Tree – Pagan Bran – DruidCast theme – The

A Druid Creation Myth

I love creation stories. I love Genesis, the Norse creation tale, the ones created by Tolkien in the Silmarillion, the many creation stories of indigenous cultures and peoples around the world. It breaks my heart that we have lost our Celtic creation stories. Some say that the story of Cerridwen and Taliesin is a form

The Way – to Give Thanks

Last Tuesday I had an accident in our back garden. I was chasing Oscar, our new puppy, and slipped on some mossy decking. I fell on my back and tore the intercostal muscles between my ribs. Let’s just say, it hurt, and still does nearly a week later. Having to be still has made me