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DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 90

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 90 A Celtic a Creation a Story – Damh the Bard – Walpurgisnacht – Faun - Interview with Simon Costin – Interview with Professor Ronald Hutton – Interviews conducted by Philip Carr-Gomm – The Folly of Fracking – Cernunnos Rising – Taimse im Chodladh –

The Story of The Cauldron Born (Part 1)

The journey from Spirit of Albion to The Cauldron Born was an intense one. People often talk of the difficult third album, but my third album was made up of new songs, and re-recordings of songs I had written in the late 1990s, so it wasn’t that difficult at all. It was my fourth album that

DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 89

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 89 Walk your Path – Cernunnos Rising – Interview with John Matthews – Song of Wandering Aengus – Fling – Interview with Caitlin Matthews – Interviews conducted by Philip Carr-Gomm – New website – Rivers – Frank Turner – Watching You – James J Turner

New Lyric – When you were born

Song writing is cathartic. It’s a spiritual journey and things build over time until there is no way a songwriter can resist the pull to see a lyric through. Many years ago I wrote the song Only Son – it started its journey as a song called Herne’s Apprentice, but it gradually morphed into the

A Celtic Creation Story – Audio

I love creation stories and sometimes feel sad that time has not left us a Celtic creation story. We know that the tribes of Iron Age Europe held the three realms of Land, Sky and Sea as sacred so I wanted my story to focus on them. Don, Llyr and Beli Mawr being the Gods

Major Influences Part 4 – Show of Hands

No journey is travelled alone and on my musical journey I’ve travelled with a number of musicians and songwriters that have moved me, and helped to influence my music over the years. From Ireland’s Phil Lynott, to the USA’s John Denver, Scotland’s Dougie Maclean the trail now leads onward to England’s Show of Hands and

New Lyric – Sabbat!

The Sabbat. A song inspired by the old woodcuts that show Witches dancing with a horned figure from the times of the Witch hunts and the ‘Hammer of the Witches‘, the Inquisition (nobody ever expected them, apparently), Images that can still cut to the heart of some who see them, particularly those who still believe

New Lyric – On the Shoulders of Giants

After the blue plaque was unveiled I was filled with a sense of arrival. For years it had felt like us modern Pagans had to justify our paths, looking for links to a distant past that gave us some kind of authenticity. Much of this angst came from within the community itself. But over recent

A Tale for Lughnasadh

The long days of Summer are beginning to draw in as we make our way towards Autumn. The first harvest is being collected as the golden fields give up their gift of abundance and John Barcleycorn is cut down at the knee. I always have mixed emotions at Lughnasadh. On one hand this festival is