Seasons Change

“Welcome to Damh the Bard’s therapy session!” It’s what I say when I’m getting towards the end of Wild Mountain Thyme live. It’s meant as a bit of fun, to encourage those who might be reticent about singing along, to join in. It builds community. Brings people together. It’s what music does, as seen at

Tales from the Road – 10 Year Return


I had my first overseas concert in 2006. It was at an intimate Pagan festival in Alabama, organised by a group based in Georgia, and it really was a week that changed my life. I had two albums out at the time, Herne’s Apprentice and Hills they are Hollow and somehow one of these had

Y Mabinogi – Stories in the Land


Following on from my last article I’ve now returned to Sussex after a fabulous adventure in North Wales. My plan was for a working holiday, communing with some of the sites from the Four Branches, and taking a couple of days to write more of the spoken word section of the First Branch, and the

DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 110


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Y Mabinogi – Taliesin and Merlin


So the Journey has truly begun. The Four Branches of the Mabinogion are each a part of the Matter of Britain. They live within the very rocks, mud, and water of this ancient island, but they were born in the mid-western peninsula currently known as Wales. If these tales have the antiquity many of us

Thinking About – Light and Shadow


I have been blissfully unaware of a little tension within an area of the Pagan community. I have seen over the years the occasionally derisive use of the term fluffy bunny to describe some Pagans, but I’ve completely missed that there is also negative talk the other way, deriding those who relish the darker aspects

Druidry for Beginners – Beliefs


My last article in this series was back in November 2015 and this one has been prodding me for a while, but it felt like such a big topic I’ve constantly put it to one side. Modern Druidry is incredibly diverse when it comes to beliefs. How can I write about it with any real

Y Mabinogi – Strange Things


It’s true. It seems the moment I realised that I was only to focus on exploring and writing the story and songs for the First Branch of the Mabinogion (as I wrote about in this recent article) strange things began to happen. Dreams, strange synchronistic occurrences, big aha! moments, the melody to songs forming seemingly

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