Y Mabinogi – Just Listen!


In May Cerri and I went on a working holiday to Wales and immersed ourselves in the land from which the tales of the Mabinogion grew. I wrote about the trip in a couple of blog posts just after: Here and Here During that time I wrote the script of the written word sections of the

DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 112


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10 Minutes of Calm


I wrote an article some time ago called Is Busy the New Fine? It came from noticing the change in the answer people gave to that wonderful British small-talk question, “How are you?” For years the standard answer I heard was “fine” (unless the person being asked realised that I wasn’t making small-talk, but was

The ‘End times’? What? Really? Again?


There’s a lot of noise at the moment. It can be hard to hear the Voice of Nature amongst all of the shouting voices. As I read the news this morning I was informed about all of the ‘uncertainty’ in the financial markets. Property plans shutting down, investors feeling concerned, a lack of ‘confidence’. There

Seasons Change


“Welcome to Damh the Bard’s therapy session!” It’s what I say when I’m getting towards the end of Wild Mountain Thyme live. It’s meant as a bit of fun, to encourage those who might be reticent about singing along, to join in. It builds community. Brings people together. It’s what music does, as seen at

Tales from the Road – 10 Year Return


I had my first overseas concert in 2006. It was at an intimate Pagan festival in Alabama, organised by a group based in Georgia, and it really was a week that changed my life. I had two albums out at the time, Herne’s Apprentice and Hills they are Hollow and somehow one of these had

Y Mabinogi – Stories in the Land


Following on from my last article I’ve now returned to Sussex after a fabulous adventure in North Wales. My plan was for a working holiday, communing with some of the sites from the Four Branches, and taking a couple of days to write more of the spoken word section of the First Branch, and the

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