Video of House Concert 48

Video of House Concert 48

Greetings my friends!

Here is the video of House Concert 48 streamed live on Facebook and YouTube on Saturday 30th March. Another fabulous evening – this one was a request show with a couple of exciting announcements and a brand new song. 

I can’t wait until next month to be with you again!

Click on the image below and you’ll be taken to the video on YouTube.

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NB: This video will remain live until the next House Concert which will be on Saturday 27th April at 8 pm UK tim

4 responses to “Video of House Concert 48”

  1. Hi Damh…I mentioned on another platform, when you try to subscribe to your Patreon page, there an extra charge for VAT of either £1 or £3 depending upon which level of support you’re going for. This is also levied when you go via your website…is this legit?

    • Sadly it is John. There are quite complicated VAT rules for online purchases and this is just them collecting the VAT they will have to pay out. It doesn’t affect what comes to me.

      • Hi Damh…I thought that might be the case. You might wish to remind your followers in the UK to make sure they choose this region if they sign up. If they happen to be directed to the US region for payment initially, as I was, the charges are $8 and $24 plus taxes.

        • Another complication is that if people sign up through the app Apple and Google add another 30% for their cut… always best to go via the web.

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