Thinking About – Feeling Overwhelmed in a World Gone Mad

Thinking About – Feeling Overwhelmed in a World Gone Mad

On Monday I sat down in front of my Mac to write an article for my blog. For the first time ever I just found myself staring at the screen and nothing came to mind.


Every time my fingers hit the keys my mind immediately filled with the thought “what’s the bloody point?” My head was echoing with politics that was ruining communities and the planet, the angry voices of friends on Facebook shouting at each other, the news of the burning Amazon.

So much more.

It just felt like whatever I wrote would be pointless and paled into insignificance with all of that other stuff. So I went downstairs and had a chat with Cerri. She was feeling it too. And that is what she said – write about that feeling. We both felt that there must be others who were also feeling overwhelmed, almost paralysed by the state of the news. It’s not a good or healthy state of mind to be in. This article isn’t going to be about the actual state of things. We all know that. What it’s going to be about is how we can still find peace and function in a world that seems to have lost its mind.

So what to do?

Have a break from social media – I remember the days of the email list, then of the message board. I used to watch in despair as good friends fell out with each other on message boards. Facebook is essentially a worldwide message board. It’s given everyone a platform and a voice, it’s helped people stay in touch. It has some really great uses. But it also shows the worse aspects of narcissism, it is the perfect channel to express righteousness at a convenient distance, it can feel like we are all keeping in touch with our friends when in reality all we are doing is clicking a little thumb and making it go blue. At times of crisis (which feels quite constant at the moment!), it can be the angriest and depressing online space. Relentless. Every few months I feel the need to have a Facebook holiday. I get off Facebook then call some friends and invite them over. You know, to talk, have a cuppa, connect in person. To turn off the noise. To help get some perspective. Have a go and see how it feels to stay away from Facebook for a week or so.

Get out in nature – On Monday even this didn’t work for me, which was when I knew I had a real problem and needed to do something. I thought to myself, Damh you need to go to the woods. Then I heard the voice of the inner doom-merchant saying yes that tree is beautiful, the earth smells amazing, the birds sound wonderful BUT WE ARE DESTROYING IT ALL!!!!!! I had to fight with that negativity all the way, and it’s really important to succeed! Because once that voice backed off, I could once again think clearly. I know things are dire, but sinking into a pit of despair is not going to help anyone or anything.

You don’t need to be perfect – It’s important to do as much as we can, and then go that extra step, and if you are reading this blog I would think you are concerned for the environment and you do that already. You probably recycle, take your own bags to bring home your shopping, cut out single-use plastics, you’re a vegan, have a hybrid or electric car, don’t have a car and take public transport all the time when travelling, don’t have a pet, never fly, take part in environmental physical protests, vote Green every time you can, give money to environmental charities, pick up litter whenever you see it. I’m sure that you are doing your best having to live and function in this rather broken society. It would be wonderful if we could all do all of these things all of the time, but it’s highly unlikely we can and still exist in a basically capitalist, consumer-led world. I remember seeing the comedian Sean Lock talking about recycling. How he spent ages cleaning out his Marmite jar, then he went to another country, saw the pollution and climate-change denial and thought what’s the bloody point. My friends, do all that you can because every environmental change we make to our lives can make a difference. But I’ve seen people I know care deeply for the environment, who do many of the things listed above but don’t do something on that list that another person thinks is vital, and they are called hypocrites. Instantly disempowered. How on this fair Earth is that kind of talk ever going to help? If things are going to change worldwide it needs governments to come together and take massive action. Unfortunately, they know these necessary actions will not be popular with many of their everyday voters, so those massive changes don’t happen. Any small change we can make in our lives is fantastic, and if you are doing any of the above, then I tip my hat to you and say keep it up. You are awesome.

Get your news from a reliable source – again, it’s unlikely that would be Facebook. When things seem to be in meltdown I find it’s good to take a step back and go to a couple of more reliable news sources. I like to go to at least two. Generally, I’d go to maybe The Guardian, and also The Times. Take in those two different perspectives. That way I feel I can make a better judgement on where the truth might lay. If I only read the views of people I agree with my own perspective might be a little skewed, add those other voices and I get a better picture. Get caught up in the melee on social media, and it won’t be long before we once more become lost and overwhelmed.

Be mindful – I know it’s a little bit of a bandwagon thing right now but I think it does really help. Taking just 10 minutes of each day to calm the mind, enter into meditation, stillness, it’s really valuable to do this right now. The practice of meditation and a daily spiritual practice is like putting on a suit of armour against those inner (and outer) negative voices. It keeps us clear-headed, focussed and aware. However these practices can be the first things that go when we are feeling under pressure, depressed or stressed out, but the reality is that it’s at times like these we need them the most. Nothing will change if all we are doing is feeling depressed and venting on Facebook. We need the energy to combat that downward spiral, and mindful practices can certainly help.

I don’t really want this post to be too long so I’ll stop there and maybe come back to this if you think it’s worth exploring some more. I’m sure that Cerri and I aren’t alone in feeling down about the state of the world right now – maybe you’d like to join us in making these few commitments and have enough energy to keep moving forward. To stay aware and less overwhelmed by the fog of negativity. To be able to shine that light out and support each other.

I’ll end with this last thought –

With every best wish my friends.

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  1. it is awful right now in the news and the world. but one of the things that really help me cope with the feelings of being overwhelmed and the sense of dread is your music. I keep it close at hand at home, in my shop, in my car and that really helps me reconnect with the larger spiral and story we are all part of… thank you so very much.

  2. I think that you are spot on in suggesting a daily spiritual practice. Yet, I also think that there is nothing wrong with mourning the state we are in. Not so much despairing, but really mourn, and find the strength to again face reality. Not all tears are a bad thing.

  3. i think you have hit the nail right on the head with this one. someone has to say it. i know i have felt this way so often. things do seem hopeless when we cannot seem to get the whole world on the same page here to work together to save our mother earth. when we see pics of the mounting piles of trash floating in our seas and piled upon the lands…when huge parcels of forests are burning…it all seems insurmountable. and we do need to find ways to survive this and keep going with whatever we can do on our local levels at least. we do have to take breaks from the barrage of info thrown in our paths everyday. in the words of lukas nelson “turn off the news (and build a garden)” ….i believe he is onto something… peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • Thank you so much … Cerri too … your writing about not only your feelings, but how to be and what to do inspite of them, is good medicine for me … keep choosing kindness and caring and love

  4. Hi, I know that feeling well, what’s the point in signing petitions? But really, that’s what ‘they’ want us to think, so we give up?
    I’m much inspired by Greta and the students, who are showing us the way, to the point I’ve recently become an active member of Extinction Rebellion in Derby.
    Sending love and healing to the planet is great, don’t get me wrong, but we need to DO something.
    If not you, who? If not now, when?
    Love and hugs.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Damh. These same thoughts have been going around my head for so long now. I and my other half get very overwhelmed at times. Like you I find fb very draining and depressing. I try not to go on it last thing at night or first thing in the morning. I have children and grandchildren so I am worried about what kind of world they are inheriting. 2 of my grandchildren are learning about the natural world which their parents are encouraging too. I try to do my bit for the Earth and nature in my patch as much as I am able too. I don’t know what else to do. I meditate each morning for at least 10 minutes, more if I have the time. It helps to set my day on the right track for me. I agree that gettting down and depressed about things helps no-one especially the people around you. I try not to give up hope for the Earth.

  6. Totally agree, you hit the nail on the head there, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I too feel in a bit of a spin with what is going on and the only way i find my peace it out with nature in our local woods, if just for a walk or wild camping. I am signing all the petitions i can, and i only hope together we can make a difference. love, light and blessings xx

  7. My heart and soul is in alignment with yours, as an empath I can feel this sad planet crying out for our help and love, if we all concentrated and pushed our love out to this planet we might be able to reverse this catastrophic move to complete annihilation of this beautiful world that has been given to us as custodians, blessed be .

  8. Yeah…too true Damh. However, I thank you for posting a good while ago now the details of your practice of calling to the 4 directions and asking for their particular support for the coming day. I adopted that too and it makes such a difference. I added to it 4 extra words, one for each direction: Hope, Integrity, Courage and Perseverance…. beginning from the east, then south, west and north. These words were given to me in meditation during my OBOD work. It is a practice that has carried me through some difficult times. Blessings.

  9. Hi Damh and Cerri, as is so often the case, you’ve voiced something I’m (and I’m sure so many more of us) feeling too. For me, engaging in political debate via social media was draining so I withdrew. It rarely brings about anything positive. So I put my energies into ways that help me personally. My goal isn’t to take on the giant of capitalism anymore like my idealistic teen self believed she could. Instead I make little changes, as you’ve described above. I march, I sign petitions – do they bring about change? Sometimes, sometimes not. Sometimes it can feel as if I’m screaming into a storm but I hear other voices alongside mine and that makes me feel heartened. We don’t sound very loud at times but we have to keep yelling and we have to keep opposing and that’s my personal reward. In knowing that I added my little voice to a louder chorus.

  10. You’re most definitely not alone there Damh, it’s relentless at the moment! I feel so disappointed that every move just now seems to away from unity and towards separateness. I highly recommend a break from fb, it becomes such a weight when I see “friends” embracing that which divides us rather than brings us together, but when I do engage with one that is seeking to provoke a response I try to do so in such a way as to not inflame the heat in the situation, taking time to quietly question the issue, it often helps me arrive at a better understanding too.

  11. Hi Dave, it’s Max your painter friend. Hoping to make it to a concert soon. I know Jan and I do much of the ‘responsible citizen’ you allude to. I say to Jan we do as much as we can and can’t help torturing ourselves about the state of the world but it doesn’t help our state of mind.
    My creative spirit continues as I try to separate myself but I can feel my work being influenced by the troubles we lie within.. Take heart that your music is a support for us all.
    Keep well, much love to you both and Peace to us all.
    Max & Jan X

  12. I really despair at the Right Wing politics that are running the World, I find it even more worrying when I hear Friends agreeing with the right-wing views, I don’t argue because they are entitled to their opinion, but I may well have to resign from organizations that seem to contain people like this. And that will be hard, however, I can walk in the Forest, I can Meditate, I can enjoy OBOD and my Druidry

  13. You are definitely not alone, and I’m glad you were able to put into words something I’ve not been able to. I used the open gatherings as a touchpoint for keeping connected with the world outside of facebook and politics and miss you, Cerri and the others.

    I remember that Sean Lock sketch, and then Jon Richardson talking about the recycling fairy. I guess at least we know we aren’t alone in the frustrations, and those sketches are both around 10 years old now.

    When it comes to doing small things which may ‘feel’ pointless, I like to focus on the mental-health benefits of feeling we are at least attempting to help. We know from neuroscience and the psychology behind controlling our own future, how much now that belief and a sense of purpose can have on how our brains and bodies physically grow. So even if it’s not 100% perfect for the earth compared to drilling for oil, if it keeps us humans well enough mentally to keep pushing, keep fighting, exploring alternatives, saving the odd tree or field or creature… I say it’s worth it to wash out the marmite jar.

  14. Thank you. The overwhelm is a big thing at the moment. I, like many, have decided to reduce my intake of social media and news that I have little control over and focus on the small part I can play positively with the environment I have around me- locally, in my garden, and with family and friends.
    I now have a policy of doing at least one random act of kindness to strangers each day, however small, to connect ‘out there’ and reduce the stress. I’m collecting and planting acorns beech nuts, and berries in pots to grow on and later hand on to friends to guerrilla plant in the hedgerows. I can’t control the politics of the Amazon but I can work locally to stop myself feeling hopeless and helpless with it all.
    Thanks for bringing up what many are feeling.

  15. As you know Damh I am a peace maker at Speakers Corner, the diamond in the thorny crown of 150 yrs of freedom of Speech. This is the cauldron and melting pot of every point of view and argument world wide. Over the last three years there has been a significant decline in respect to other people’s opinions which often turns to violence..the root cause, social media. The cancer of freedom of speech of today’s society . Last night I chaired a meeting with the speakers Corner community encompassing various political, and religious groups, because of increased violence directly attributed to social media platforms and it was agreed by all, this cycle of social destruction has to stop. Society is taking at each other more than with one another and our interactions are growing more contentious and disrespectful.
    We closed the meeting with these questions, how do we develop more life giving discussions ? How do we communicate with each other with substance and a mutual desire to learn? This requires humility where people put aside their egos for edification. The goal is to learn, not win. Truth, Knowledge and Justice will prevail, I truly believe this.

  16. My daily practice also is built around the “four directions” that you posted earlier. Your wise words have today and on many occasions inspired me, soothed me, and given me hope. I thank the spirit of all that our Pendragon has such wisdom.

  17. The world is a scary place these days, personal traumas and the lack of care for our planet really do make me wonder if we are going mad and if the earth can survive the human plague that is trashing it.

  18. Spot on, my friend. We may give up all hope, but we can never give up doing what is right and advocating for what is right. And we can be fearless! Because if there is no hope, then we have nothing to lose! Let that give us courage and strength rather than despair.

  19. Ah Damh, you put your finger right on it! I’ve been off FB for two years now for much the same reason. Long time friends saying “if you don’t agree with my politics then just unfriend me now”. How do you respond to that? For everything else, you do what you can, find peace where you can. Thanks for your words and songs. As always, be true to yourself.

  20. Thank you Damh and Cerri. And everyone who has shared on here. It helps to know we’re not alone in feeling like this. Love & hugs.xx

  21. Once again i am saying thank you to you…I wish I could just give you and Cerri a hug .Like a previous poster I take sanctuary in your music ,played loudly to block out the negativity that I feel I am drowning in. The past few weeks we have had building work going on next door ,which has resulted in constant noise, dust and destruction.I put the news on or go on FB and I find this anger and despair and a feeling of helplessness welling up and stealing my joy. I am having nightmares ….something I rarely experience…and even trying to focus on my OBOD studies has been impossible! Well enough is enough….I accept I am doing what I can and I refuse to allow despair that it is not enough to steal my peace. I am a tiny,tiny light in the darkness of the times but if we support each other and each do what we can our individual lights will make a difference. Thank you for being so willing to reach out to us and share your thoughts. Please give Cerri a huge hug from me for encouraging and supporting you. Love to you both xxxxxxx

  22. Just what we are all feeling and voiced beautifully. I have always started my day standing on the edge of the field behind my home – beautiful with the gold of autumn still in the stubble, and this place has always made me feel calm and ready for a new day. But now ‘though it’s still beautiful all I can think of is the burning forests of the Amazon, starving polar bears and some making a fortune from raping the planet with no thought for those yet to be born. It is a time when being positive and hopeful takes a lot of imagination! Thank you for the music – it’s balm on bad days.

  23. Thank you for this Damh and Cerri. You expressed what so many of us are feeling so well. Bright Blessings to you both, to everyone, and to our Mother Earth.

  24. Take heart, my friends. I’m hearing more and more about our connectedness to the planet and lack thereof. They are saying it’s time to reconnect to the planet and help Her along. Understand that we are a symbiotic relationship, which we, of course, understand. This gives me great hope.
    I believe in my heart that a Great Change is on the cusp of happening, and these are birthing pains. We are the midwives of the New Age.
    I love you all.
    Love, Light, and Laughter
    Laura Capshaw

  25. Thank you Damh and Cerri for sharing your thoughts. Sometimes these days I wake up with such a knot of anxiety/fear in my tummy. I feel so distressed that even looking out at the birches around the house doesn’t help. These lovely trees of light – the first to step foot on these lands after the ice – and such thoughts don’t help, knowing what we’ve done to wreck our beautiful planet since. But you’re right -, meditation and keeping our heads clear through whatever our spiritual practice demands of us is the only way not to give up hope. We MUST always have hope in our hearts, and when I meditate it helps to think there are so many souls reaching out to a place of light whatever is being thrown at us out there. We must keep on doing what we all do, however small – and bless you two for bringing all our thoughts together on this. We can and must tip the balance!

  26. Hello damh, I have really been wanting to reply to a lot of your blog posts for a while but have been unable to. This one, however, has really struck a chord with me (as it seems to have with many of your readers/listeners) – so I felt compelled to wade in. Sorry in advance for the essay (Oops)!

    As a side note – a few years ago I had a complete mental breakdown. Your music was the main influence that I believe helped me come back from that, when even my immediate family thought they had lost me. For that I’m eternally grateful and don’t really know what I could do in return to show my appreciation. I don’t know why, but it felt appropriate to say this as a comment on this blog-post.

    I often feel overwhelmed and ponder the futility of much of what we do. It is only natural in this wreird and unnatural world we find ourselves in at present. I have noticed an increased amount of road rage, impatience, aggression and “seeing the worst” in others, in everyday “real” life, which has correlated with the rise of antisocial media. I think it is a combination of everybody needing to be “right” all the time (and therefore unable to apologise for their mistakes, instead lashing out at the person their mistake has already inconvenienced) – and also the dehumanisation of others. People forget that there is a real human behind each profile picture, and that extends to forgetting that the bloke on the tractor/bicycle/vintage-car is a human too. The filter bubble / echo chamber effects that google and antisocial media produce, serve to polarise people to the point of demonizing others who don’t agree explicitly. I now find it very hard to engage in serious discussion with all but a few people nowadays, thanks to this effect. One of my best friends is the polar opposite of me. She is vegan, atheist and politically sits just the opposite side slightly off centre to me. We absolutely love being verbal sparring-partners and always debate something every time we meet. We never have a bad word to say about or to each other and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Wouldn’t it be great if all the angry polarised people were instead like that? Just imagine what the world would achieve… Of course, we see the nastiness and extreme views/anger in the far right as we always have done, but now, to my dispair, the left (even some “moderate” left) are now even more bigoted and full of hate and violence than the traditional foes they claim to oppose! Your lyric, “x marks the spot, which gives us our voice; but how do you vote, when there isn’t a choice?” holds more validity than ever now. I certainly agree with your idea of a Facebook break. It does nothing other than steal time and bring out the worst in people (myself included). Who would want to be the kind of person they don’t like? I don’t! Yet by staying on there that’s what we do. I have been considering leaving for a number of years, and I think your post has given me the impetus to go ahead and do it.

    Your suggestion to go out in the woods also cannot be understated. Not just from a druidic point of view… This is critical. I used to be fortunate enough to work in a wooded area. Every day, come rain or shine, hell or high water, I’d be in the woods for an hour at lunch, and then a few more hours after work before I went home. I knew those woods like the back of my hand. The wildlife knew me. I’d think nothing of going around them in December when it was pitch dark. It was my second home, the real world, and I knew every stone and gnarled root as a friend. It does so much for your sanity and clarity of mind. I solved almost every problem I ever had in that earthy-smelling, verdant cathedral. Not to mention the spectacular connection with the gods. That speaks for itself. I really miss working there, and now struggle a lot when I can’t visit – but just one brief trip to one of those wild places is enough to keep going. It works wonders!

  27. I just want to say a few positive things. These a lot of people going on about how terrible everything is and I agree that yes there needs to be a huge shift in awareness of environmental problems and people need to think more about protecting this planet than just making money from it BUT. We also need to focus on the positive otherwise how can we heal anything. We need to remember and give thanks for this beautiful, wonderful planet we live on, to realise how lucky we are to be here. I am chronically ill with a debilitating neurological disease and have been bed bound for the last 8 years so I can no longer get outside and walk through the forests ot enjoy any of the things I love doing but all I have to do is close my eyes. then I am back walking the trails in the forest, feeling the grass and soft earth beneath my feet, smelling that special, heady green smell of grass and leaves, dry bark and wet wood, hear the many different birds as they fly through the branches and sing to each other in their own special language. I see myself walking along the beach as the waves crash over the rocks breaking into the shore, or up on the cliffs, the wind taking my hair and blowing it until it has a life of its own and the majesty and stillness of the ancient mountains. To heal and protect this planet we have to love it and teach our children to love it. And that’s another thing we have to be grateful for . Things certainly are not perfect but in most western countries we have the freedom to be who we are more than ever before in history. 100 years ago children died toiling in cities without ever seeing trees and beaches, fields and hills, now most have access to the countryside. Also our children have a basic right to be educated , to healthcare ,even if it’s not perfect. 100 years ago these rights only existed for the rich but now we all have them . We need to use these freedoms to educate our children about the planet they live on and to take them out into nature so they grow up feeling connected to the natural world and want to look after it. I’m sorry I’m not really preaching, it’s just that like you I am so tired of looking at Facebook or anywhere on line and all you see are people moaning and terrible situations but no one seems to want to say anything positive and even with all the problems this world is still an incredible ,fantastic ,wonderful place to live. Maybe if more people concentrated on the good they would be more prepared to do more things to help the environment , maybe it wouldn’t seem like so much of a chore.

  28. I would like to thankyou all for what has been said. I am unable to listen to news anymore, read newspapers or use social media very much. I make exceptions for my druid hero’s. It is all too much and overwhelming. BUT, I do sign petitions, usually on a daily basis. Have planted several thousand trees and continue to do so. Plant wild flowers on our roadside verges.collect rubbish and organise others to help. I walk in the countryside each day and commune with nature, its powerful and freeing. However the more I do this I feel apart from humans.Thats an odd feeling. I want to run away and hide and be with them, but know this I not the answer. Nature is rebelling and for me there is some greater force at work here and all will be well. I am empowered by what you have all said. We must remember what a wonderful, beautiful world we all live in and its bursting with good, courages, amazing ,kind people whom are making a difference. Just like us. So, let us despair friends.
    On a practical note I have not used cling film for over two years. Instead I buy CoverMate stretch to fit food covers from Lakeland.. One pack of 8 different sizes, reusable . They are like jam pot covers. Its a small thing but every time I use one it gives me lift that I am doing something. The other thing is that I read the Gentle Art of blessing by Pierre Pravavand each day. In blessing others we bless ourselves and the world changes around us. Blessing to all.

  29. I grew up in the Seventies and Eighties in Cold War Germany. Never being very politcal, I pretty much spent my teenage years tuning out of the news and following my own path, while other people worried about the World War 3 they were sure was coming. People my age were saying “What’s the point,the Russians will be here in 5 years”.We also had the oil crisis, acid rain and of course the coming ice age. The only protest I joined was against Nuclear Power, I believed nuclear power plants to be dangerous and unpredictable and of all the apocalyptic predictions of danger that was the only one that came true.

    All I can say is that it was a huge lesson for all of those who called me arrogant, blase, spoilt and ignorant for not being “political”, too disinterested to even be right -wing.

    Over the years I have become very interested in the environment and politics as well, but I still don’t buy the apocalyptic propaganda. I now marvel at that young girl who wasn’t smarter than anybody else but somehow could smell the bullshit spread by the media. I suppose I just come from a long line of eye-rolling cynics.

    I agree with all your ideas, Damh, Facebook can be toxic (unless it’s cat pics). The news can be toxic.Get out into nature,meditate, do what you can for the environment and maybe read a book or two.

  30. To feel this is to be a human who is connected and cares. All we can ever do is be responsible for our own actions and hopefully lead by example. Mindfulness is an absolute must for our sanity in these challenging times and can keep you moving forward one step at a time. I urge everyone to not give up, for each positive action you take for animals (human and non human) for our planet and for the greater good of all HAS to be worth it surely. Think globally and ACT locally and never go down until you draw your last breath on this amazing planet.

  31. Thank you, I needed this post.
    I feel the same way so helpless and sad.
    There is so much anger cruelty and division, I have never felt so unrepresented and afraid for the future, more so for my granddaughters.
    The song gave me peace, thank you x

  32. Hello my dear friends. I do understand where you are coming from but your thoughts are trapped in the 3rd dimensional world. As an Alchemist I would urge you to look beyond what is not in your power to change and view the current world situation from a higher dimension. It could well bring clarity and peace of mind and that is surely not a bad thing. Blessed be.

  33. Hi…Just to add my tuppence via the words of the writer A Hanson. A short extract from his book where a novice pagan is wondering how she can experience the world differently. Her older companion seems to think nothing has really changed in the world since the days of Merlin except the fuss and clamour of people…

    “….It is, because a man today is no different than a man 3000 years ago, Nature today is no different to Nature 3000 years ago…in fact all things of importance have remained the same. Only things in towns and cities change, only temporary and therefore unimportant things change. If you want to know what Merlin knew, felt, thought, how he saw the world all you need to do is go to the Wild as he did, sit beside an oak as he did, close your eyes as he did, and absorb Nature as he did. That is paganism’s provenance….”

    It’s something I try to remind myself of constantly. The doings of mankind are trivial and will soon pass.

  34. Ah well, it does indeed seem if the world has gone mad, especially here in our sacred lands , let alone across the Globe. I start to think about things and then shut my thoughts down … all far too overwhelming at times. I have even tried to avoid watching television news, but there is part of me that tells me that “I need to know” , certainly with what is going on in our Parliament …. I despair ! You know, though, that we have to just keep putting one foot in front of the other to go forwards. Pick up that piece of litter …. a tiny action, but multiplied many times and that one tiny action can have huge positive consequences, so let’s keep doing our one tiny action. I can remember when the mind doesn’t feel so skaddled, that …. deep within my centre, may I find peace and deep within my centre may I radiate peace …..

  35. Overwhelmed ….. all my friends are too…. we use laughter and kindness to each other and to strangers and it helps. Like an earlier comment, I was so down in the dumps about it all, I played some of your music Damh and it really lifted my spirits and helped me to connect back into my grounding. So many people are so grateful for your music, thank you. The other thing I do often is the 3 breaths practice. A few days ago I didn’t know how I was going to deal with a particular event, so I addressed a goddess at each of the four quarters and asked for help. I sailed through the event and afterwards gave my thanks. Perhaps the Mother herself and in her many guises is the one to turn to. I suspect she is quietly getting on with it …. tipping all the humans out of the pram.

  36. Thank you Dave and Cerri for the much needed to be said post, my husband and I both feel the same way and you talked about all of the very same thing as we have been thinking for quite awhile now. There is so much anger and hate being spread on social media by people who have different political views there is more division than ever, facebook has lead to a rude angry hateful society, add that to no regard for human life with all the killing on tv, movies, video games, burning amazon forest and you can see all the hate being spread. This all saddens and overwhelms the rest of us who can see this. I have purposely tried to withdraw from going to any outings where negativity might be spread, I don’t watch too much of the news and have never been on facebook ever, my husband minimally on facebook but is thinking of ending that because of all the negativity and nonsense. We have said to my husband for quite some time now that the world seems to have all gone mad and they do not see. For the rest of us we do what we can the best we can and hope the world wakes up. Blessed Be my friends : ) we can only try to be kind and bring peace.

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