Tales from the Road – Orbs, and a Decent Proposal

I am absolutely loving these home concerts. I played another last Thursday for the lovely Sally and Paul in Petersfield. I think the plan was to hold the concert in the garden, but the weather was dreadful, so we gathered in their living room. It was lovely to see a few familiar faces from past concerts at Witchfest, and some new ones too.

The song Obsession from my Herne’s Apprentice album has already had a very rich and varied life. I’ve met a number of Pagan couples who hold that as ‘their song’, a few people have told me that they’ve made love with it playing in the background. It’s a very sensual, erotic love song, and I am very proud of it. Well, during this home concert another wonderful event took place around Obsession. I was just about to play the song, introducing it, when Paul stopped me. He then got onto his knees and proposed to Sally right there, witnessed by their friends. It was so lovely to have been there. I’m also pleased to report that Sally said “yes”, and much hugging and celebration followed. When I played the song it was just for them, on this most special of nights. How wonderfully romantic 🙂

The picture shows the audience that night. Paul and Sally are second and third from the right. Thanks also to the technical wizardry of Lizzy (second from the left) who managed to set the camera’s timer for this great photo. Those who are into photographic ‘orbs’ will see that event the Spirits were with us that night!

Thank you to Sally, Paul, and everyone else who made me feel so welcome!

4 responses to “Tales from the Road – Orbs, and a Decent Proposal”

  1. I can’t work out where the orbs are or whether its just the mucky splashes on my laptop screen, tech slob that I am !!

  2. Just wanted to say thank you again for a truely brilliant evening. The perfect place for a proposal from Paul. The orb’s are even more impressive in the first version of this photo where we didn’t fit everyone in and that’s coming from a paranormal investigator who seen a few. Even more interestingly, they fit in with the positions of the spirits we know are in that house so they were obviously enjoying the concert as much as us! Looking forward to seeing you on the 19th, BB
    Lizzy x

  3. Thank you so much for the most wonderful write up – just want to say again – it was a wonderful evening – I had no idea Paul was going to propose – and it was made perfect by Dahm singing his beautiful Love song “Obsession”.

    Look forward to seeing you on the 19th – hopefully will have a copy of the Video my son took for you

    Sally and Paul]

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