I’m just about to head off to play at the Artemis Gathering but before I go I wanted to write a blog with some pics and videos from my trip to the Balcombe fracking protest site. I managed to get the post code for the site from this brilliant website (http://greatgasgala.org.uk). There is also a list of stuff that the camp needs, so on my way I stopped off at a shop and bought washing up liquid, sponges, matches, milk, candles, that kind of thing. I figured they’d probably be getting a lot of food already.

I headed out into the Sussex countryside.

The camp is on a main road either side of the gate to the drilling site.

photo 1

 You can park easily on the verge near the site.


The Kitchen

A well-run kitchen offers free tea and coffee, and scrummy cake.

The Camp

People are camped on both verges, either side of the road

photo 4

There are a lot of Druids at the site. I met Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm there, and here is Philip talking to the media, spreading the word about the protest.

What could I do? Sing this at the top of my voice. When I wrote this song I was remembering Twyford Down and Newbury. I wondered, if the call came, would the will still be there in the hearts of the people of Albion? Yesterday my question was answered, with a resounding “yes!”

The Drill

This is the drill, boring down thousands of feet into the earth. There is a drone coming from the drill, a constant noise that is going 24/7.



Sign 2

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

So there you have it. I’ll be returning to Balcombe as often as I can. As you can see they are well organised, and a good and friendly group of people. If you can, go there and spend some time at the site. It doesn’t matter how long you stay. If you can’t get there, then share this information around on your social media profile. Share the link to this blog post, share my YouTube video. Let people know this is happening.


We are the sons and daughters of Robin Hood!