Has anyone else felt that this year is going by quicker than any other?

A couple of weeks ago I went to see one of my favourite bands Le Vent du Nord at our local arts centre. Man, this has come around quick, I thought, we only saw them live back in February. But it wasn’t back in February, it was last August, exactly a year ago to the day.

It really opened my eyes to what had been happening.

Last year, as the year descended into Winter I made a conscious decision – to really look for the beauty of the season. It’s no secret that this Solstice-born Gemini is solar powered. For so many years I’ve almost wished the Winter away so I could welcome back the Sun, but that is not healthy – to wish away so much of one’s life. So that was the pact I made, and on-the-whole it worked. There were some days of wind, grey, rain, mud, that I felt to need to call one of my Winter-loving friends and have them explain to me why this was so much better than green, warmth, sunshine, and being able to sit on the dry earth. Some days even they couldn’t explain, but the Winter months were much more enjoyable, making the effort to see that beauty. The time seemed to go quite naturally too because having that conscious awareness helped to connect me day-to-day.

Then Spring arrived.

It was a busy Spring with travel and concerts. It was wonderful. But what I didn’t notice until yesterday is that I went from zero to 100mph in an instant. All of the conscious connecting that I’d been doing during the Winter disappeared, and I was instantly swept along on a roller coaster that only came to a stop yesterday.

It’s not just busyness with work that has swept me along. It’s been the utterly depressing political climate, not only here in the UK with the ‘B’ word, but also seeing what’s happening in other countries around the world. And that discomfort and fear are then expressed by my friends on social media, seemingly all the time. Facebook is not a place I really want to hang out right now. That absorption in world politics is not healthy for me. It can get so loud that it becomes all-encompassing, and I then miss seeing the gulls playing in the wind, the peregrines teaching their young to hunt, the blossom on the trees becoming ripening fruit, the green corn turning gold and falling to the harvester.

That’s what I noticed yesterday as I walked along the river with Oscar, as I have done every day this year. The blackberries were ripening, on many trees the haws were already red, the sloes had turned purple, and my head had been so full of politics, social media noise and opinion, and a deafening inner discussion, that I’d failed to really notice the change.

I’m not normally one for conspiracy theories, but sometimes it does feel like the populace is far easily controlled when it is in a constant state of fear – more easy to manipulate and influence. I’ve spent most of this year seemingly in a trance and yesterday I woke up. Now it’s my aim to stay awake. The political noise will continue, and I don’t intend to hide from it, but there is also so much more value in maintaining that connection with our spiritual paths. To walk with an awareness of our relationships to the spirits of the land, sea and sky, to the Otherworld, to the Gods.

So I light a candle today on my home altar to shine as a beacon to bring me home, should the noise become too much again. I sit in meditation to bring me into awareness of my true place in the Universe. I walk the land as human-animal, part of the natural way of life, death and rebirth. I walk once more back into the embrace of my Horned God, and my Earth Mother, and look forward to hearing their words once more.

Deep within the still centre of my being,

may I find peace.

Silently within the quiet of the Grove,

may I share peace.

Gently and powerfully,

within the greater circle of humankind,

may I radiate peace.