New Lyric – Sabbat!

Witches flying to Sabbat by Bernard Zuber Woodblock print 1926_013The Sabbat.

A song inspired by the old woodcuts that show Witches dancing with a horned figure from the times of the Witch hunts and the ‘Hammer of the Witches‘, the Inquisition (nobody ever expected them, apparently), Images that can still cut to the heart of some who see them, particularly those who still believe in a Dennis Whealtey-esque occult fraternity.

It’s all rubbish of course – propaganda to feed paranoia and build superstition for a power-hungry church. A topic I tried to address with my song Green and Grey.

But the Sabbat for modern Witches and Wiccans is a real thing. So I wanted to write a song that held within it that ecstasy of the union with Nature, the wildness of Dionysus, the drums beneath the moon, the roaring fire, the chanting, dancing – If you’ve been there, you know.

But you can keep your Devil, I’ll dance with Pan!!



by Damh the Bard – 2014


The day is done I turn my gaze towards the setting sun,

I taste the incense on the air, I hear the sound of drums,

The chill of the evening descends.

All day long I’ve been working hard for the man,

But now’s the time to ditch this skin and be who I am,

Some people just don’t understand,

You can keep your Devil I’ll dance with Pan!



For I will fly free,

On the wings of ecstasy,

And I will dance free,

To the music of Faerie.

Imbolc, Beltane,

Lughnasadh and Samhain,

Equinox and Solstice,

On hilltops and forests tonight,

To the Sabbat I will ride.



I will dance with the Fearie Queen beneath the silver moon,

I will taste the honey mead and chant the Witch’s Rune,

My heart with the pulse of the land.

Witness now the union of chalice and of blade,

Of life and death and life again the union is made,

By power of land and of sea,

By power of will, so mote it be!



The night is done the sun will rise on a brand new day,

And I along with millions go out to earn our pay,

People see just what they want to see.

But I have danced with the Faerie Queen, shared the mead of the sun.

I have worn the Oaken Crown before the Horned One,

And I’ll know it’s time to return,

When I see those Pagan fires burn!

14 responses to “New Lyric – Sabbat!”

  1. These lyrics almost deserve a metal feel to them, not necessarily as intense as the brilliant, legendary, eponymous Pagan thrash metal band from Nottingham. Whatever musical direction this takes, I can’t wait to hear it.

  2. There is alot of emotion for alot of people in this, the contrast between the church’s image of “satan” and the god. Also, in the church’s images and pictures of the sabbath. Need for healing that is. What I really liked about Green and Gray was that it didnt use that charged energy of the lyrcis in the melody. It had a soothing almost pleading tune. I really hope you take this song in a similar direction. I’m thinking harp, flute and a still summers rain kind of song.

  3. Brilliant writing always speaks to my heart. Thanks for this, I’ll await the song as it is brought to flesh.

  4. Amazing, love the lyrics so much, cant wait to hear it on the new cd. Just beautiful, you always touch the heart of pagans. Cant wait to see what u do with it to music. Your brilliant!

  5. I love the song! I can really feel the joy in it. Green and Grey is one of my favorite songs of yours, too. I listen to it all the time. Neither black nor white, captures vividly a truth of the otherworld and the gods who dwell there, and the way we ought to see each other in this world. We see what we want to see, but sometimes, when we look through others’ eyes, we see the pattern throughout everything. It has always been here.

  6. Wow, I love this song! It reminds me of tired mornings when my cloak is sticky with mead, my feet are dirty from dancing and my hair smells like bonfire smoke.

  7. I spend my day in a uniform of green and gray. And I laugh at the joke the Universe has played on me. You So completely captured it! Green and Gray makes me smile, knowing that the uniform has given everyone around me the key to who I am–but they will never see the truth before their eyes. Wondering how the music will blend with the words above, and set us all free!

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