Lockdown Tour 2021 T-Shirts

Lockdown Tour 2021 T-Shirts

I know how much you all loved the Lockdown Tour 2020 T-Shirts Cerri designed and thank you for buying them and helping to support my music during these very strange times.

Last night Cerri uploaded the artwork for the Lockdown Tour 2021 merchandise.

From Cerri’s Store: This is the second Lockdown T-shirt design for Damh the Bard. The image is designed as a white image on a transparent background so you can choose whatever colour garment you wish. The tree leaves around Herne are inscribed with a version of Ogham script and spell out These are the things I believe.

Available on everything from T-Shirts and other clothes, phone covers, posters, bed covers, pretty much everything from here: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/70943619

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