In June I played a concert at the first CalderaFest Pagan music festival in Lafayette, Georgia. 29 bands over the course of three days and it was absolutely amazing. If you want to hear what happened I dedicated an entire DruidCast show to the festival and you can hear it here. Before the event one of the bands there, Tuatha Dea, came up with the idea of some of us putting together a compilation album of original songs, all focussed on the environment, with 25 % of the sales profits going to the Rainforest Trust. Well, it was a no-brainer really. So 12 of the bands performing, plus two others who couldn’t make the festival began writing and recording our songs.

I love Pagan musicians. Amazingly it’s an almost entirely ego-free zone and we all get on so well, particularly the ones on the Green Album and those who played at CalderaFest. Hearing everyone’s songs as they were finished was one of the most creatively powerful experiences I’ve had. The finished album is brilliant. And I am blowing my own trumpet here, but I’m also blowing 13 other trumpets too. When the album was launched at the festival it sold enough on that opening weekend to help the Rainforest Trust buy 1840 acres of tropical rainforest in the Republic of Congo!

That alone made me so happy.

The album is being sold via download on the Green Album website, and the CDs are available from the shows of the artists involved. I’ve had them for sale at my gigs since June and I made my first donation from those sales to the Rainforest Trust yesterday. I got this lovely certificate so I thought I would share it with you as without you buying the album this wouldn’t be happening. This is just from the sales of the physical CDs at my shows.


Thank you.

This stuff works my friends.

I’ve only got a few copies of the CD left for my upcoming gigs, but if you want to help with the work of the Rainforest Trust, and if you’d like to hear this amazing album, head over to the Green Album website and get the download today.

Every sale is important.

A big cheer for Paganism in action.