From the Cauldron 10: Geminis and the art of patience

I love being a Gemini. We’re playful, lively, passionate, focussed, yet easily bored, prone to changing our minds, and impatient (we want to do it ALL now!). I’ve been like that with the final job on my new CD. I announced it was finished and then played it gemini.jpega few times and found things that started to bug me. For instance the vocal level of Land, Sky and Sea, and the volume of the snare drum on Pagan Ways. They might not sound bad to anyone else, but I know how I want the songs to sound, and they weren’t quite there. So I went back into the studio and adjusted them, then uploaded the new versions to the same links. So if you downloaded the songs before the 28th January, download them again – I wonder if anyone would have even noticed the difference if I hadn’t said anything here, but they weren’t quite right to me.

Now attention to detail and perfectionism, they’re not character traits usually associated with Geminis – must be my Capricorn Moon pushing for attention! Or maybe the Leo rising?

The two new versions can be found here.

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