A Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Bard Party

There now follows a Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Bard Party:

When I wrote Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood) I’d just had what I hoped would not be a premonition of things to come. I am deeply saddened that my premonition has become reality.

Attempting to sell off publicly owned forests, the bedroom tax, fracking, and now the badger cull. All actions that go against overall public opinion. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we live in a democracy.

I wept on Monday night as I thought of the killing that would be taking place in Albion’s countryside in spite of the scientific evidence.

This song is in honour of the protestors and activists out there who are risking their freedom, the bloggers and writers, the Facebook sharers, the letter writers, all of us who will not just believe what we read in the press.

If you thought that we would do nothing you’ve misunderstood.


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13 responses to “A Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Bard Party”

  1. Beef will never be on my menu again. I will not eat beef while they are killing badgers in an unscientific, ecologically unsound cull that they claim will help eradicate bovine tb! Take note beef farmers! I am not the only one!

  2. Ah Damh, if only this could get on to national radio….. and is it time you stood for parliament? These are dark and very bloody days in the history of Albion, and like you, have been crying over the needless slaughter of Brock, the Keeper of the Sacred Paths.

  3. Thank you so much for that. I too was awake last night worrying about the badgers. Here’s a prayer I said this morning in my sacred grove:

    ‘Oh Great Spirit, Great Goddess, Gods of the Sky, please save the badgers before they die.’

    Simple, but I know it was heard. May we do all we can to save them from this ridiculously stupid, cruel and unscientific cull.

    Blessings on the badger

  4. May Hugin and Munin fly swift to Odhinn’s ear with news of these misdeeds, may the Tuathe De Dannan rise against these Fomorians, may all the Gods and Goddesses of all the lands now turn their eyes on the wrongdoers.

  5. An encouraging thought in the fight to defend the badgers – who, incidentally, are the last native species of bear we have left in these islands. The Con(artist)servative party can change the rules about shooting animals, but the gun safety laws are the same: Shooting is NOT allowed if there are ANY unarmed and unprotected people ANYWHERE in the vicinity. All we have to do is find a badger sett, find when they’re going to be targeted, go into the immediate vicinity at the right moment, and just STAND THERE. We don’t even have to stand in the firing line. If we’re standing ANYWHERE they can see us, and we’re unarmed and wearing no protective clothing, they’re not allowed to fire a SINGLE SHOT. Non-violent resistance at its best.
    Blessed be the Badger Clan.

  6. Have felt sick and wept myself, the senseless behaviour all around us is unspeakably wrong – prayers and blessings to all who do stand in line at any badger sett , may the gods protect our woodland friends and the lady hold those who pass close to her heart.

  7. TB, or not TB?
    That is not the cull question.
    For is it in the interest of Conservation?
    To help hedgehogs, for example, who suffer
    due to Brock’s increase in population?
    Or is it to bulge the pockets
    of the Beef Industrialisation?
    The misinformation that is quickly spread
    Via this Mutimedia Technological obsessed Society,
    Feeding the lazy, unquestioning minds as Fact,
    Then profiting through paranoia, fear and “propriety”.
    Some say that it is Humankind’s duty
    To keep the environment in control.
    But I see once again no Kindness in being Human
    As we exterminate,
    And sensless death takes it’s toll.

  8. Great post. On Monday morning very early, I was driving in the country-side and saw a dead badger on the roadside, he was killed by a car driving into him several hours ago by what I could tell. I checked he was dead and stood quietly to check he was….he had been hit on his head. I gently moved him to the nearby verge. These four-legged folk are so wonderful, he didn’t know about the cars. It is very sad that now others (not where I live) are shooting badgers with the authority of our Government, for those who worry about TB. I cried for the dead road-kill badger & too for those who will be shot soon. Great song Damh the Bard & tears from me too.

  9. Hi again, glad I passed the ‘test’. I am a real person (female), old but still have working parts….interested to read about you. I very rarely try to get in touch with folk like yourself but something about your music & views has made me try.

    I was given one of your CD’s by someone I just got talking to one day which in itself was a strange thing to happen, it touched me a lot to have such a kind gesture out of the blue. I listened to it & then some time later looked at your Website. I have ordered another of your Cd’s last week & look forward to getting it. Blessed Be.

  10. People need to get out to the cull zones and actually do something, join the people already there, who are spending night after night trying their best to protect the Badgers.
    All this talking is valid, but is not going to stop a government who have no care towards society- humans ,animals, the environment or anything.
    The only way to make a difference is to get out of the armchairs and put boots on the ground.
    This is a government that cares only about money and protecting those who have lots of it.
    This is a government that would love to repeal the fox hunting ban.
    This is a government that will continue to murder British Wildlife.
    This is a government that has destroyed the N.H.S…….
    People get active, get out and stand together to protect the Badgers and all the other animals endangered by the actions of our government and those who disrespect nature.

  11. whether it be badgers,fracking or persecuting the poor these toerags will do anything to boost the ill gotten gains of their pals in the city.jpj

  12. Thats right got to look after their pals the bankers, whilst the Badger cull becomes a bloody farce as the Badgers are shot and wounded crawling away to die in agony over a period of hours screaming in agony.
    Shame on the British government

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