A Lyric – That Happily will no longer be Used

Lore says that the ancient Bards could raise welts on the faces of their enemies just by using the magic and power of words. I rarely write political songs but sometimes the energy of the moment just gets to me and a song is the only way I can let off steam. Only Human was one, Pagan Ways and Tomb of the King were another two. I’m so glad that my most recent political song, written about the UK Government’s plans to sell of England’s forests, will now no longer be recorded. Yesterday they announced they are scrapping the idea. I never entirely trust politicians so I’ll be watching closely, but on this occasion common sense and people power have won, and although the other parties are now chasing Cameron down calling out ‘U turn’ etc, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say thank you.


Just in case they decide that, while we aren’t looking, to implement an equally idiotic forestry scheme, I’ve decided to print the lyrics of the song what would have been flying around the internet. It’s an angry song, because I was angry when it was written. “If you thought that we would do nothing, you’ve misunderstood…”


The Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood) – Damh the Bard

Verse 1:

We all watched you on our TV,

Right Honourable Gentlemen, apparently,

Different voices with only one aim,

To win my vote, to win the game.

People have died to pave the way,

So we can vote come polling day,

X marks the spot that gives us our voice,

But how do you vote when there isn’t a choice?



If you thought that we would do nothing you’ve misunderstood…

For we are the Sons and Daughters of Robin Hood!


Verse 2:

See I remember exclusion zones,

At Solstice time around the Stones,

Poll Tax riots at Trafalgar Square,

The rich they got richer, the poor were stripped bare.

Building new roads with no thought for the land,

And the blood of the Beanfield is still on your hands,

Now drilling off Shetland will do just fine,

And you’re selling off forests like you closed down mines.



If you thought that we would do nothing you’ve misunderstood…

For we are the Sons and Daughters of Robin Hood!



Nothing to see, there’s nothing to see, there’s nothing to see here…

Nothing to see, just look away, there’s nothing to see here…


Verse 3:

England’s green and pleasant land,

Is not there to put cash in your hands!

I see your symbol is the English oak tree,

Is that your idea of irony?

Now thousands of eyes will fall upon you,

Each watching closely what you will do,

All are ready to spoil your game,

For the blood of an outlaw flows in our veins!



If you thought that we would do nothing you’ve misunderstood…

For we are the Sons and Daughters of Robin Hood!

16 responses to “A Lyric – That Happily will no longer be Used”

  1. Great lyrics Damh – love the ideas in there but it’s fantastic news that the battle has already been won (although I’m with you that they still can’t be trusted)

  2. Terrific news for the UK but sadly we still have the public forestry sell off looming in Ireland. The worst here is how commercial forestry pollutes our water while harvesting and maintenance by public forestry is done carefully such as barriers to protect the water during harvesting.

    Your Robin Hood imagery is interesting as many tales in Ireland tell of the Gaelic people here taking to the woods and forests and living a culture within them when the Normans arrived. It is from the woods that the Gaelic people attacked the Normans and later the various colonial battalions such as those sent by Elizabeth 1 and Cromwell.

    I’m wondering if the Irish will take to the forests again if this sell of happens.

  3. Wonderful lyrics Damh.
    I’m also still watching as I don’t trust them but I’m so pleased by the volume of the people’s voices and the U-turn.
    Our forests are not theirs do with as they wish.

    I’ve also joined in the fight to save Irelands forests, I’m sure the people of Ireland will shout out just as loudly.

  4. Don’t trust them? Whyever not? surely they’ll give us “Cast Iron Guarantees” and “Solemn Pledges”

    Oh yes. I see now.

  5. Do not be ashamed and try to justify your lyrics, we all feel the need to say something about whats happening in this land and the state of things. I can’t wait for another album of yours to be released..Any chance of playing up North some where close to Bradford matbe 🙂

  6. A damned good song, Damh, and well worth keeping as a record of what could have happened had the Sons and Daughters of Robin Hood not rallied to the defence of the land.

  7. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t wholly hold out on the promise that the forests are “safe”. Just because they won’t be sold out to private people won’t protect them – if you halt the care and forest husbandry then “initiatives” can be easily introduced.

    Far better perhaps would be a commitment to protect and preserve and to ensure that the forests will be properly safe, enshrined in policy (and law) for their continued protection.

  8. I forgot to add though Damh – some excellent lyrics, that even on other contentious subjects will still be valid.
    Don’t lose them just yet… Robin Hood and the Knights of Avalon will still need to remain vigilant over the green fields of this England.

  9. This is also apt here in my state of Michigan; we have invasive species killing our fish, miners eager to destroy ecology for a bit of copper (which will also possibly pollute the local water), chemical companies dumping their runoff and pollutants into our waters, and our forests are dying around us to ash borer infestations due to firewood sales and unscrupulous consumers. We need more rallying cries like this one! Thank you for writing such a beautiful song!

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