A Candle for Alban Arthan

The Winter Solstice and approaching New Year are a great time to look back over the last 12 months, and what an candle.jpegamazing year it’s been. Last year I decided that I would close my bushcraft school and concentrate entirely on my music. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be a professional musician, in fact when the teachers used to look at me very concerned about my school work, I used to say, “Don’t worry, I’m going to be a musician, it’ll be fine.” Well, it might have taken me a little longer than I thought but finally it looks like that child’s dream has come true.

So to look back at 2007, I’ve made lots of new friends, had my website redesigned, started my regular e-newsletter and the subscriber list is growing daily, I’ve got onto iTunes, started a podcast, got a new recording studio set up, started this blog, set up a YouTube channel, bought a banjo (oh yes, I did!), played some of the most enjoyable concerts of my life. The camps were beautiful, and the conferences equally so. Cerri, my partner, started to produce her artwork on t shirts, it really has been quite a creative year!

So what of 2008. Well, it looks like this is the year of the concert. I already have almost twice as many gigs booked as 2007, and they keep on coming. Also, I’ll be organising my first home concert tour too – how exciting! But there’s more… After this new CD is released, my plan is to immediately begin recording a folk album made up of my favourite traditional folk songs that have a spiritual/esoteric edge. I’ve also got nearly enough live material recorded to release a live CD – it’s going to be busy, but marvelous!

So here’s to 2007, thank you for all of your gifts and challenges. And to 2008, may you bring your own magic, yet to come!

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  1. A blessed Alban Arthan to you and Cerri, Damh

    Your music is just amazing – I am so glad I found it – over here in the US I feel connected to the UK just by listening to your words, music and voice. Its very powerful and it’s great that you are now concentrating on your music. You have a great gift.

    In Peace and Beauty
    An English Druid in Maine

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