35gb of downloads in 5 days!

I’d like to thank everyone who let me know that my website was down over the weekend. I’ve just had a call from my web hosts, and it seems that my site triggered an automatic shut down due to the high bandwidth and CPU usage it received over the previous 5 days. There have been 35gb of downloads in 5 days, an apparently epic amount of space! The site will be back online soon, once they have moved it to an unrestricted server.

2 responses to “35gb of downloads in 5 days!”

  1. I would seriously question that… unless you’re keeping a bunch of 5 minute WAV files on there, there is no way an average website can max out 35gig in 5 days. Seriously… what did you have on there?

  2. Just 10 high quality mp3s. It looks like an ‘ip’ bot or something had found ‘Land, Sea and Sky’ and ‘Pagan Ways’ and was just downloading them constantly, but it’s worried my service provider, so I’ve placed Reverbnation’s music player on several pages with the previously available 8 songs.

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