Winter’s Sweet, Sweet Song

Winter’s Sweet, Sweet Song

Let the darkness of the longest night hold me,

Let the peace of the Winter Earth enfold me,


In silence,

Resting in the embrace of soil,

On a bed of fallen leaves,

My Mother, sleeping, breathes.


Free my mind of restlessness,

Show me not what tomorrow will bring,

As I lay in this moment of stillness,

In complete and utter acceptance I sing.


I hear the melody of a year in whispered voices,

Let not my thoughts of the past be clouded,

With wishes and future choices,

Only this moment,

And my honouring of a year nearly gone,

In harmony with the Sun,

And Winter’s sweet, sweet song.

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  1. Thanks Damh….on Thursday evening weather permitting (we’re not that hard-core!) me and Linda will be sitting outside around our chimnea and letting the darkness enfold us before heading back indoors to crack open a bottle of her excellent mead. On Friday morning we shall be up to watch the sun rise above the horizon of Bridlington Bay (weather and mead permitting)…solstice blessings to you and Cerri

  2. Winter Solstice Blessings. A beautiful poem. Thank-you.

    Blessed be those who bring love, peace, and happiness into the coming year and beyond.

  3. A beautiful, meaningful poem. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Wishing you a glorious sunrise and good Solstice.

  4. wonderful poem- just catches an essence of the stillness of this time in the natural world. I would like to read it out at our local WInter Solstice celebration if thats OK with you Damh ….

  5. I am learning to let “the peace of the Winter Earth enfold me,” this year. I used to be fearful of the dark nights and found the short days depressing but I have been discovering the peace in the darkness. The silhouetted trees which used to be ominous are now friends of the spring trees which I love. Thank you for sharing your poem Damh. As always, you have inspired me to go off and put pencil to paper myself. Blessed Solstice to you and Cerri .

  6. Thank you, dear friend for these words. As I read them I could feel that stillness, over the hidden activity that our trees do for us as well as their own species. Dignity, trust, consistency, we cannot live without them. I live in The Forest of Dean and whenever near any trees, I can sense the response, they feel at our appreciation. They observe, they know, dear wise beings. Blessings to all, any season of the year. With love, Margaret.

  7. Beautiful & inspiring; Thanks very much for sharing that with us, Damh.

    On Alban Arthan 2012, I was in the Rocky Mountains (USA), and felt inspired to write this little song…The sun shone brightly on the sparkling blanket of snow covering the land, & the Glistening ice hanging from the roofs, shined like magick crystals with rainbow lights. The birds rejoiced in the return of the Sun after a big storm…

    “Solstice Day”

    It’s a Beautiful Solstice day,
    And I just wanted to say,
    That the birds are singing,
    Avalon bells are ringing,
    On this beautiful Solstice Day!

    It’s a beautiful Solstice Day,
    And with all of my Heart, I pray,
    That the Goddess returns,
    And Human lessons are learned,
    On this beautiful Solstice Day.

    It’s a beautiful Solstice Day,
    May King Arthur be “on His way.”
    For to lead us again,
    I’ll be “waiting” ’til then.
    On this beautiful Solstice Day.

    It’s a beautiful Solstice Day,
    May the Faeries come out to play.
    God & Goddess are “One.”
    Bringing Light from the Sun.
    On this beautiful Solstice Day!

    “May You All be Blessed with the Light of Alban Arthan, which is Healing & Rebirth.
    May You All be Blessed with the Heart of Alban Arthan, which is Peace & Love.
    And May You All be Blessed with the Spirit of Alban Arthan, which is Justice & Mercy for All Beings.”


  8. Thank you Damh – the beautiful words remind me of the feelings I experience when I visit my home in the UK at Yuletide. Maybe next year…

  9. I am looking for a poem to celebrate Winter Solstice for a few grade 7 students to read aloud. I am wondering if you would give me permission to use your poem.

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