The Song




I sat beside an old oak tree,

“Listen”, it said.


A melody, so sweet, carried upon the air,

Eyes closed I tasted each note,

I breathed the sweetness,

Heard chuckles in the grass,

As the breath-like wind was cast upon my skin,

By the garments of the Fae.


I heard the call of birds,

And understood,

As they sang in the trees,

Joining the symphony,

That played through the forest,

The Shadows danced,

And the Piper played,

As the Sun set.


I tasted the honey of the Otherworld,

Heartbeat in rhythm,


My mouth opened,

My breath ached to be free,

Head raised to the sky,

I opened my eyes and saw them,

Sang my note to the Universe,

And joined the Song.


Feet on grass,


Arms raised,

All around me,

The Song was heard,

Across the Universe,

And the Universe,

Was the Song.

14 responses to “The Song”

  1. Wow, powerful and beautiful poem. Your words brought me there, to the place where all worlds are seen, to the place where every song is heard and understood and even spaces have their own music. Remembering, we bring ourselves to light out from the shadows of our making. And from the strands of our own song we spin the story we become into something beautiful and strong
    , part of the fabric pattern of the world.

    • My thought exactly! lol
      Now I need to go back to the reservation 🙂
      Would love to hear this put to your sound, your music.

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