Update on the Royal Albert Hall Pagan Music concert

I’ve been asked a number of times recently how the plans are going for the Pagan music concert at the Royal Albert Hall idea I had last year. The simple answer is that it’s still ongoing but I’ve encountered a couple of issues that have made things a little more complicated.

The most recent is that, on contract, every event held at the hall must have the possibility of selling it out. Now I know we can get enough people to pay for the event – at £30 per ticket that only needs 1000 people and that is very much achievable. But to sell it out would be 3900. That’s a lot to ask.

So I’m thinking about how we can get closer to that figure using the Kickstarter campaign concept to raise the finance to pay for the hall. It would mean that instead of making the target 1000 donation/payments of £30 (each £30 gets a ticket to the concert), we would probably have to get closer to the sell out point, in advance, with no fixed date for the event.

I’m beginning to wonder if that might be just a little too much to ask of the community at this time.

So the idea and willingness are very much still there, and I’m still in negotiation/discussions with the hall. It just needs to be an achievable goal when and if things come together to make it happen.

14 responses to “Update on the Royal Albert Hall Pagan Music concert”

  1. I would pay more than £30 for this concert, and would buy tickets for family and friends as well. If enough of us offer you support then we should be able to do this. Goodness me – I would do anything to go and see you and any other pagan musicians at the Albert Hall! Hurrah.

  2. I think you under estimate your support Dave. £30 with no fixed date would be no problem for me

  3. Guess the money side is not the real issue (Yes, I know $$ are always a problem but if P30/ticket would cover it then it is do-able, rock concerts are far more). The issue is bums on seats. Sadly (being in Adelaide Australia) the chances of me adding my bum to a seat is probably bucklies.

  4. I will have 2 tickets pls,let me when they go on sale? Love your pictures on your site,feels different ‘open & relaxed.

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