A bit of fun…

Us Pagans, and Druids, take great pride in the openness and the lack of dogma within our traditions, and that there is no stereotype, but I wonder. You see, I think I could make a list of traits that pretty much sums up your average Pagan male. Okay here they are:

1) Has, or once had, long hair – all of us go a bit thin on top, and at some point the old razor or clippers might come out, but at some point the Pagan male had long hair.

2) A love of Real Ale, Guinness, or Cider/Scrumpy – the Pagan male is rarely seen drinking Lager.

3) Music – the Pagan male is either a folkster, a metalhead/rocker, or a Goth, or once has been at some point in their life. It is the rare Pagan male who regularly downloads the latest pop songs.

So if there are any short-haired, lager drinking pop fan Pagan males out there. Do let me know – I think you might be a rare breed!