Antlered Crown and Standing Stone – The making of Antlered Crown and Standing Stone

Over the next couple of weeks, and up to the release of the new album on the 17th November, I’ll be creating a series of short videos that tell of the inspiration behind each of the songs and placing them here on the Bardic Blog.

So here’s the first video that is all about the inspiration behind the title track of the album Antlered Crown and Standing Stone.

9 responses to “Antlered Crown and Standing Stone – The making of Antlered Crown and Standing Stone”

  1. So looking forward to receiving your latest CD. Your music speaks to me and is a part of my Pagan path. Seeing you perform your songs is special to me so see you at Oakleaf. 🙂

  2. I love this little video explaining the back story as it were to this new song. One of my favorites of yours is The Unofficial Autobiography of Herne.
    Looking forward to release day. Please come to sing in Western Massachusetts.

  3. Beautifully put Dave. I had exactly the same experience when I first came to paganism 20 odd years ago. Pan is my man too and the very first invocation I ever wrote was to him. You can write as many songs about him as you like in my opinion! So looking forward to this album! Bright Blessings this Samhain Eve to you and Ceri x

  4. Dave, another beautiful song and a beautiful dedication. An anthem to the pagan heart. Looking forward to hearing it in Southwick.

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