posterI had my first overseas concert in 2006.

It was at an intimate Pagan festival in Alabama, organised by a group based in Georgia, and it really was a week that changed my life. I had two albums out at the time, Herne’s Apprentice and Hills they are Hollow and somehow one of these had made its way out to the USA to the ears of the festival organiser and I was asked if I’d like to come and play the event. It was quite a moment for me. At the event I met lots of people, many of whom have remained friends and I’ve met them at other USA festivals since, and some have come and stayed with us in the UK. My concert was in a barn and completely acoustic and it was wonderful to play my songs to people in another country.

People started to talk about a new website called MySpace, asking me why I wasn’t on it? Or YouTube? And why wasn’t my music on iTunes?

It was while I was there that I made a commitment.

I imagined my last breath and thinking back to my life. I realised that I would rather have given 100% trying to make my music my living and failed than to be laying there wondering ‘what if I’d actually tried harder?’ I would register on this new social platform MySpace, find out how to get my music on iTunes, start a YouTube channel (whatever that was…?) and give my music everything I had.

10 years later and tomorrow I am returning to Georgia to play at the Caldera Festival, the first ever three day Pagan music festival in the USA. I’ll see some of those same people I shared that original experience with back in 2006, and I’m sure I’ll readily tuck in to some of the wonderful Southern cuisine on offer at the festival too.

It’s been an amazing 10 years so to mark that time will be a powerful moment.

I’ll let you know how it goes!