Story of the Song – Under the Trees

Story of the Song – Under the Trees

This song was a long time in the making. I’d had the title of the song in my ‘to write’ list since just after Sabbat was released, but my time and focus had moved on to the Y Mabinogi albums, so there it sat, occasionally prodding me for attention. I had said I would write an album of songs after the Second Branch album, but I soon realised I had to finish that particular cycle of tales, so I went full steam ahead into the Third Branch. Once more I said I would create a song album before the Fourth Branch, and then the pandemic hit…

I get my inspiration from being with the Pagan community, from ritual, from magical action, and sacred sites, and for 18 months none of that had really happened. Of course, I still had my personal connection to my Path, but the Awen was being an even more elusive mistress. I hadn’t written a song since The Stones and Bones of Albion from the Third Branch, and I have always found the first song of a new album the most difficult to write. Always there, at the back of my mind, that voice – have I written all of the songs I can write? We all have self-doubts and I’m no different. I’m also incredibly hard on myself when it comes to songwriting, but that’s not a bad thing. However, I wanted to break through, so I chose to go back to this song title, Under the Trees.

I sat with my guitar, capo on the fifth fret, and just played around with a few chords, and immediately this rather melancholy tune materialised – the song needed to have that thoughtful groove. It was all of the things I was feeling – a desperate need to get back to the wild, a recognition of the healing sounds and smells of the forest. It’s true – if I’m feeling stressed and I go to the woods, hear the leaves above me, the smell of woodland earth, the birdsong, all my troubles do indeed start to ease. It’s like, in that environment, I’m truly home, and I know that if I feel that way, some of you feel that way too.

It took about 4 hours, and the first song for the new album was written. I played it a few times on my live House Concert streams and it did indeed look like it struck a chord with people. So instead of recording it and sitting on it until the album was finished, I decided to release it as a single. The time is right for songs like these, and I’ve since written another song that is also very right for this moment, so expect that as a single next month.

The flood gates are open, and the Awen is flowing freely once more, and I am very grateful to be creating new music again.

So here it is! I hope you enjoy the new song, and you can find the full lyrics below.

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Verse 1
Driving home at night, in the company of a storm,
Endless tail-lights, I’m sitting here alone,
Another day gone by, where do they all go?
It’s getting harder to justify, a life on deathrow.

I wanna go where I can heal my soul,
Talk to the wisest people I know,
And I will go.
The soothing sound of forest leaves,
And all my troubles start to ease,
Forgive me please,
You will find me, under the trees.

Verse 2
When we are born, we are told,
You’re part of a great machine, no chance of parole,
But life is a miracle, this I know so well,
It’s time to turn the key, of my prison cell.

And I know that it’s true, it’s so much harder to do,
Than to say.
All that I can say to you is come and meet me there too,
You know the way.

I wanna go where I can heal my soul,
Talk to the wisest people I know,
And I will go.
The soothing sound of forest leaves,
And all my troubles start to ease,
Forgive me please,
I wanna go where I can heal my soul,
Talk to the wisest people I know,
And I will go.
The soothing sound of forest leaves,
And all my troubles start to ease,
If you agree, 
Come and join me,
Under the trees.

19 responses to “Story of the Song – Under the Trees”

  1. I love this new song. It strikes a chord with me as I go to the treeswhrn I’m looking for peace & healing. They never fail me.

  2. Magical conjure’s up a Misty walk in a wood or forest with the early rays of sunshine peaking through dappling leaves .

  3. OMGosh! I love love love this! Much loved, and much needed in my life. Just beautiful. Thank you my friend for yet another one of your amazing gifts! Blessings to you always.

  4. Damh, another wonderful song that resonates with my heart and soul. Life has been so difficult and I need to heal. Your music helps me through the rough days when all I can do is sit and cry. You are truly a gift that keeps on giving and I love “Under the Trees”. You sang that for us and I loved it at first chord. Looking forward to House Concert 21 and all the musical surprises you will have for us. Bright Blessings….

  5. Once again, I sit here with tears in my eyes. This song hit home very hard. I recently bought a house (under VERY stressful
    conditions!) in a small town. It surrounds a lake and is in basically a forest. When I take the pup for her morning ablutions, it’s just about sunrise. It’s our little ritual. It’s quiet and peaceful. All we hear are the birds and the wind through the plethera of trees.
    The air is clean and fresh, I breathe in deeply, and feel one with my forest. This is when I am most at peace. Me, my sweet dog, and my forest. What more could I ask for?
    Thank again Damh! You have touched and stirred my heart and soul! Blesings my friend! Blessed be!

    Peace, love and mead!
    Jeff Stilson

  6. Living in the heart of Sherwood Forest I am very fortunate to be able to spend time sitting with and talking to the ancient oaks (I generally prefer them to people).
    Thank you so much for this song, it is truly magical and says how I feel far more eloquently than I ever could.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful song- this really speaks to my heart. My Dad would have loved this- he was a woodcarver and had a deep reverence for trees.

  8. Hi Dave,
    This song resonated with me when you sang it at one of your recent house concerts. So many thanks for all your wonderful ballads.
    Love and light. Kathy. BB

  9. I absolutely love this new song. I just got away last week for 4 days in the Aussie outback and was surrounded by the most amazing Eucalyptus camaldulensis, River Red Gums, Kangaroos, Emus and Goannas and I feel so at home when around the trees.
    This song resonates with me sooooooo much and I thank you for your special gift <3 }:-) /|\

  10. When I heard this song for the first time in the house concert, it was as if it had always been. It felt old, not new, it felt hugely familiar. It feels to me that you have tapped the Awen of all trees that have ever lived with this song. I can feel the ones I’ve known. Thank you

  11. Some things are true regardless of where one is in the world. Trees, Standing Stones, and sky are the renewal of my soul.

  12. Damh, another song to touch my heart and soul. Like you my place of solace is the trees. We planted a Silver Birch in the garden for our spiritual well being. It’s truly magical. Such wonderful words and music you weave. Thank you from us both.

  13. By accident I heard this song today for the first time. Exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Thank you Dahm with blessings.

  14. Thanks!!! At the moment I can only thank you in this format because I can’t shake your hand and look you in the eyes to thank you.
    Dude, your art is excellent.
    I confess that I didn’t know him, my sister introduced me to his songs and I’ve already heard them all.
    His compositions transcribe what my thoughts have been for years. Thank you for turning my thoughts into wonderful music.
    Keep it up my friend, gifting people’s hearts with your unconditional art.
    A strong handshake and drink of mead.

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