New Lyric – Time Machine

New Lyric – Time Machine

Today I wrote the second to last song for the new studio album. I’ll be recording it over the next week, then will write and record the final song.

It’s a reflective one this and I hope you like the sentiments behind the words.

Time Machine – Damh the Bard

Last night I had a crazy dream,
I’d built myself a time machine,
Said goodbye to all my friends,
Set the date and off I went.
I went back to 69,
Heard Hendrix play for the very first time,
I cried when I heard Jim Morrison sing,
Gave the 12 steps to the Lizard King.

As pages turn,
Let us learn, let us learn.
As pages turn,
Let us learn, let us learn.

Then I went to meet Jesus Christ,
Before he paid his Father’s price,
I saw Prophet Mohammed too,
Didn’t try to change their point of view.
The only thing I wanted them to hear,
Was to make their message crystal clear,
That peace is love, and love is peace,
Just hear those words and find release.

I went to hear Taliesin sing,
Spoke to Merlin about the future king,
I saw Stonehenge and what it’s for.
But I don’t think I should say much more.
My dream, well, it made me see,
That our time machine is our history.
And we have to do all it takes,
To stop making the same mistakes.

14 responses to “New Lyric – Time Machine”

  1. That is a wonderful sentiment and if anyone can inspire people to really listen and think about it, it is you. Peace in our heart, in our own community and in the world. Blessed be ♡♡

  2. Synchronicity strikes again! My wife and i just discussed the importance of history to avoid those past offences in our future. I dont think this synchroncity thing will ever get dull for me. Im amazed everytime.

  3. Love the words Dahm! Now, if only the world would listen to the lessons that history provides us with, we might be able to provide a better world for the future!

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