New Lyric – Iron from Stone

New Lyric – Iron from Stone

Scarborough Faire is an amazing song. Such a wonderful melody and lyric that tells of all of the impossible tasks a human woman would need to achieve to be with a man from Elfland.

But I began to wonder…

These wonderful folk songs have been left us by anonymous writers from years ago and have been sung ever since. But is there another story behind Scarborough Faire? What about that songwriter from years ago? What inspired them to write such a song?

So I thought I would tell that story. Hope you like it! This is the final lyric and song for my new album so I’ll be recording it this week that that, my friends, is a wrap. Just the artwork to go and it’s finished and ready to be released!

Iron from Stone

Verse 1
As I rode out one morning,
Just as the day was dawning,
I gave my usual greeting to the Sun.
To seek my inspiration
I knew my destination
A standing stone down where the river runs.
Seeing no one else in sight
I sat down to write
But I was not alone
The Sun a little colder
A hand upon my shoulder
A shadow fell across the ancient stone.
Verse 2
He asked what I was writing
It sounded so inviting
I said I just tell stories with song.
The melody compelling
Said he had a tale worth telling
And promised that it wouldn’t take too long
He never would forget
How his true love he met
At a county faire
Of land by the sea
A Cambric shirt with no seams
And of a life that they would never share.
Verse 3
He thought they’d be together
To live their lives forever
But realised that he would soon be gone
Behind doors that were closing
From the will we were imposing
On the land we depend upon.
Their story will be sung
For many years to come
But we reap what we have sown
Two broken hearts
Two worlds torn apart
From the day we made iron from stone.

8 responses to “New Lyric – Iron from Stone”

  1. Wonderful words Damh. I was with you on this journey of inspiration. Can’t wait to hear the new album.

  2. Brilliant Damh. A beautiful tale about two people from two different worlds now forever apart because of mankind’s domination of the land destroying the old sacred places. The ancient doorways to other realms that have now become closed to us. I get it Damh. It’s so sad. However certain people still can still peer into these realms every now and then at special times of the year and connect to a place where many humans have long since forgotten. You Damh are one of those people. You connect through your beautiful music to let others who may listen to peer also into those realms and feel the magic once more. Thank you Damh for being the Bard we all love and yes I am so excited about your new album. Blessed Be /|\ xx

  3. Wonderful lyrics. Cannot wait to hear the full musical score to the song. Great work again Dame, the area is strong with you BB.

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