Have you had any ‘unexplainable’ experiences?

Have you had any ‘unexplainable’ experiences?

I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts yesterday called Mysterious Universe. The guest was a retired CSI who had just finished a book about the supernatural experiences he and those who work in CSI Law Enforcement have had over the years. He recounted tales of spirits following home crime investigators from crime scenes, and Otherworldy visitations linked to the job of the CSI. It was a fascinating interview.

As I listened to the interview it got me thinking…

At one point he said he was introduced at a large CSI gathering and they told the delegates about the book. From the stage they asked if any of those present had had any unexplainable experiences on the job. Not one hand went up. But when he started to quietly talk to people, there was someone at every table with a story – they had just been too embarrassed to stand up and say anything.

I wonder, in this world and age of online criticism and Atheistic ‘prove it’ finger pointing, how many Pagans have had incredibly powerful and direct encounters with Spirits, the Faerie and the Gods and simply are too uncomfortable to do the equivalent of standing up to let people know what happened? I’m sure this sharing happens in our Covens and Groves, but aren’t these kinds of experiences exactly what this Path is all about – direct experience? Yet I rarely see this information shared online, and when it is, there is always someone there ready to drag people down.

So something is brewing my friends. It might be a book, a series of interviews on a podcast, or a series of blog posts. It might be nothing at all. But this is something I’m very interested in hearing about and if I am, maybe there are others out there too.

So, if you have had what some may call a ‘peak experience’ with a Deity, the Faerie, during ritual, or out walking, it doesn’t matter, drop me a message using the contact page here and let me know. Go into as much detail as you like, if there are moments of synchronicity include as many as you can. But also how did that experience influence the rest of your life? Did it happen again or just once? What about the experience made you think it was more than simply synchronicity or coincidence?

If stories come through I’ll be able to see where this idea might go.

So over to you!

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  1. Hi Damh.
    If you fancy making this idea into a mini doco, I could make myself available for interview shoots and B-roll over an extended period of time. I have all the gear and plenty of experience, (I do corporate for a living) Also I worked with Gary on Tales of Albion a couple of years ago. Just give me a shout if you want to have a chinwag about possibilities mate.

    (PS, you played some of our music (me and Dave the Flute) on the Druidcast a few times some years ago, which was nice of you.)

  2. I have just sent in a comment, but now it seems to have disappeared! Can you re-call it at all? Sincerely Margaret.

  3. In my lifetime (68 yrs.) crows and owls have been messengers for me. Walking home from the first grade a crow, which I later learned was owned by a family close to school, landed next to me and began walking with me until I reached home. By the end of that week, he was talking to me in simple phrases, “Hello!”,”Hungry?”, and “Go home!”. This crow, Jimmy, continued to walk me home for the next couple of years. Both types of birds have swept across my path or followed me from above, sometimes tree to tree. One time in particular, my husband and I had planned to drive to West Virginia for the weekend to see John Prine in concert. My husbands Mom lived in a nursing home as she was not well. The evening before we were to leave a single crow swept very slowly across or path in front of the car. The crow was almost part of our windshield! But this bird looked right into my eyes in a split second we made eye contact. I looked at my husband and said, “We have to cancel the concert. Something bad is going to happen”. I had no idea what it was exactly. By noon the next day, his Mother had died. Things like this have happened throughout my life. Now crows circle over my home and come closer whan I talk to them. And owls always call to me at night.

  4. very interesting topic, indeed!!! wish i could be a fly on the wall and see the responses you get from this!! i hope you will find some way to share them with us all 🙂 BB to you and yours! )O(

  5. I had an experience walking round a nature reserve in Eye, Cambs. With my two young sons who were then 3 and 6. I was drawn to a huge overgrown twin Apple tree, I put my hand in the middle of the twin trunks, my way of listening to the trees stories, we exchanged energies as always. Then without any request on my part I ‘melted’ in to the tree, I had a clear vision of floating around with all the molecules of the universe and knowing we are all connected. This all happened in moments as I then continued to play hide and seek with my boys. I use this experience to relax my mind, and try to share and help others to gain connection to Mother Earth. This was in 1998. I had a similar experience in 1987 in the sea on the White Strand, Great Blasket Island.

  6. Hi Damh…

    I had a really strange experience of synchronicity way back in my college days, ok….40 years ago! It remains the clearest example in my life of the intervention of Spirit. I should also say that, at that time, I was a practising Christian and training for Church of England ministry. Over these last few years as a pagan Druid, I’ve begun to look back over that time and realise that the working of Divine Spirit can be seen within what is sometimes referred to as “mainstream religions”; though I really dislike that phrase.

    The actual occurrence was thus…my wife-to-be, also in ministerial training, had been on an extended placement in what was then referred to as a charismatic church and had been influenced by that experience. I, however, was from a very traditional church background and found such things to be highly suspicious. I was really confused and found myself wishing that if only so-and-so was still at the college, then I could share my concerns with him and seek his advice because he was an older student and someone who’s good judgement I trusted. Trouble was that he had left the college the previous year. However, the very same day that I was thinking this, I came down to the college dining hall and who should be there in the queue…..! I didn’t know he was visiting….but the necessary chat ensued.



  7. I was at Covehithe church in Suffolk with my husband. Beautiful sunny happy day. We looked around the church then,as we usually like to do,walked around the churchyard. As we came around the corner of the church I knew beyond any doubt that I COULD not turn that corner. The sense of dread and fear was something I have never experienced before. I have no idea why,it was a bright sunny day,nothing to suggest anything sinister. I couldn’t even bring myself to look around that corner and I returned to the car shaken and upset. My husband checked it out and found nothing strange at all.

  8. It’s a terrible gift to be able to feel and see things that others are not open to. When I was young (I’m 64 now), it used to frighten me and I would wonder if it was a mental illness, until a (christian) friend explained it as guardian angels. It’s something! At least twice it saved my life. And its saved another’s life. I have been connected to various people over my lifetime and been able to feel what they are going through. I was there in spirit as a good friend died of a massive heart-attack. That’s the terrible part. The most interesting event was when I was driving to work and heard a voice tell me to pull over. I didn’t hesitate. Once off the road, the hood of the oncoming car lifted off it’s hinges, flipped into the air, and landed where I would have been if I hadn’t listened. I’ve been open to listening ever since. Many other incidences, many forgotten. /|\

  9. Once when I was meditating in my room with a quartz crystal, I had a vision of a woman with long brown, slightly wavy hair in a flowing viking dress or other ancient dress, walking toward me with bare feet and her arms outstretched as if to embrace me. We were in a meadow in a lush forest in what seemed to be an herb garden. I never saw her face, but I researched goddesses right after trying to figure out who has visited me, but never came to any conclusions. I haven’t had any visions since, and it happened about a year ago. I turned the crystal into a necklace afterwards that I reserve for rituals and such since I got called a satanist while wearing it at school. My family think I’m crazy since they’re all atheists, so it’s nice being able to share my experience with people who understand! x

  10. I can’t remember anymore when the first experience happened; maybe when I was six and saw two angels in the sky. My mother insisted I was asleep and it was only a dream. I knew I was awake, and I knew what I saw. It set the pattern for a lifetime of hiding the truth from skeptics, though.

    These days I talk about what I see and experience, but only with carefully selected people because judging by what our culture considers crazy, I’m off my rocker. Rather not get an official label like that, so I’m discreet. I don’t mind writing to you but it’s my entire life so I don’t exactly know where to start. I’ll have to think about it.

  11. Trying again! I accidentally hit a button and poof – my stories were gone. 🙂 Here we go…

    I have a few. The first account of my witnessing something was when I was 8 or 9. It was winter and although early evening, quite dark already. I had been out with my dad shopping and when coming back home, I went into our living room and sat down by the front windows. Looking out into the night I looked up to the sky and saw an “airplane” hovering right in front of our house just above the tree line. The side hatch was open and all I can describe it was was it looked like the inside of a warehouse but a mechanic’s warehouse. Lots of work tables and fluorescent lights. I recall looking away and into the kitchen where my mom was but my movements were sleepy, slow like being in molasses. I looked back to the “airplane” and it was still there just hovering. That is all I can remember of this experience.

    My second one was much, much later in life and in a different house. I walked into my kitchen after being outside and caught a glimpse of a young girl dressed in a blue and white dress. She had blonde hair and it was tied up on the sides. It was brief, gone before I even knew what to think.

    Same house, a few years later. My husband was out for the evening, my young son was sleeping. I was in the bath but had the door open slightly in case he woke and called out for me. All of a sudden from our hallway someone was whistling. Clear as day. I called out but no one answered. The whistling happened again so I got out of the bath to look down the hall. No one was there. The whistling never came back.

    Through the years there have been various instances but these are the most significant for me. There is more out there than meets the eye most definitely! 🙂

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