Druidry for Beginners – More to Come

Druidry for Beginners – More to Come

800px-Barn_Owl_South_Acre_2Well I have been completely overwhelmed by the response to my last post Druidry for Beginners and working with the senses. Certainly enough of a positive responce to post some more and make this an ongoing series.

Obviously Druidry is a very personal Journey and these exercises and ideas are just some of the things that have worked for me over the years. We are all very different in our approach so if you read something that doesn’t sit well with your practice by all means leave it.

These posts are titled ‘for beginners’ so I started at a place that I feel is right for the very beginning of a journey. To learn to listen to nature, to learn how to open ourselves to our immediate environment will help greatly on any new adventure of discovery. Doing this right at the very beginning is like giving someone who is a stranger to an area a map, before they step out into the unknown. I have always felt that you can learn more about magic and the Otherworlds by sitting in silence with an old tree in the woods – becoming one with the energies of the Grove and, over time, becoming an accepted part of that environment – than you can by reading books in your living room. Combine the two and I think the doors open even more. So for now if you haven’t tried the senses meditation in the last post, have a go, and I’ll just leave it there for a little while before I add any other layers.

So, more ‘Druidry for Beginners’ definitely coming soon! If you want to make sure you don’t miss a post you can subscribe to receive email updates from my blog using the form on the right. Or you can also use the RSS feed options.

2 responses to “Druidry for Beginners – More to Come”

  1. As a relative new comer to Druidry I can’t agree more with your analogy here. I feel I didn’t find Druidry, it found me, wandering in the woods and gave me a language for what I was feeling! Magickal Blessings /|\

  2. Ancient Ovate here but I so love reading these words of wisdom. Really related to the first one. Thanks Damh!!

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