DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 104

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 104

Elan – Nightwish – http://nightwish.com/en
Interview with Neil Leask about the Kirbuster Farm Museum – http://www.museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk/member/kirbuster-museum by Helen and Mark Woodsford-Dean – http://www.spiritualorkney.co.uk
Toad Stone – Elly Hadaway – ellythefolk.bandcamp.com
Alive Inside – James J Turner – http://www.jamesjturner.com
The Eagle and the Owl – Arthur Hinds – http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=808504
DruidCast Theme – Hills they are Hollow – Damh the Bard – http://www.paganmusic.co.uk
For further information about the Druid Tradition – http://www.druidry.org

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    this is awesome

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