Draw a Card, Cast a Rune.

Draw a Card, Cast a Rune.

Every Monday when I walk into my studio I draw a tarot card asking what the trends and influences I should be aware of that coming week. Ok, it’s Tuesday, but the Bank Holiday meant I didn’t step into the studio yesterday, so I’m a day late. I was using the Llewelyn Tarot for months, with it’s focus on the Mabinogion, but for the last few weeks I’ve been using the Wildwood Tarot, a beautiful full-on Pagan deck with wonderful cards painted by Will Worthington. So this morning I shuffled the deck, asked my question. Cut the cards and drew the one at the top.

Today I drew the Seven of Bows, Clearance.

An old used bow lies on the ground, and six new bows rest against a Yew tree. A fire burns away the wood shavings, and the smoke twists into a clear blue sky. A card all about clearing away stuff that is old and no longer useful in our lives. Life can get stale, some relationships hold us back, maybe a change in job, or a shift in lifestyle is needed. I’m about as happy as I could be with life right now, but there is always stuff that can be examined to see if it is still of use. As I look at the card I wonder what the old used bow symbolises, and what the six new bows may represent. The card stays on my desk, right under the screen of my Mac, in front of the Apple logo. It’ll stay there all week, right there. Every time I look up I’ll see it. I’ll think about what it represents, and during the week things may happen, or decisions might be made, based on the energies of the card. I’ve found the drawing of a weekly card to be of great help in my life. Sometimes I’ve seen that the impetus is on me to make the card a reality, and at other times I’ve noticed that I seem to have no control over the outcome suggested by the card, but that foreknowledge has been of immense value.

As I shuffle the card, asking my question, what is happening? Is it really ‘divination’, asking the Divine for a message and foresight? Or is it as some believe simply pure chance? To me the tarot are a book of lore, a well-thumbed system of magic. They are not just ink on card. To me they are doorways into other realities. Colour, image, message, symbol, all conjoin to invite my soul inside, to experience the card from within. And as I shuffle Other eyes turn, and look to a man sitting in a room, near Brighton, simply shuffling a deck of cards, and the countless, endless possibilities of many futures are considered, until one card makes its way to the top, and is revealed.

Magic is everywhere, and like a magnet pointing north these little daily and weekly routines keep us in the flow of magic, and Awen.


4 responses to “Draw a Card, Cast a Rune.”

  1. I love this tarot set! It was the first set that called to me, but not the first set I got for myself. I did not think I was ready for it. When I did get it, it has been so helpful! I was even gifted another deck by a good friend, so I know it is the one meant for me.

  2. This is a beautiful Tarot deck. I’ve used the Llewelyn deck, but my favourite is years old: the Motherpeace deck. It’s round and woven with goddesses and gods. I’ve learned so much mythology from using these images. http://www.motherpeace.com

    It’s a wonderful idea to choose a card a week for contemplation; though I’m not sure I could keep it going. Usually, I find myself doing readings when I’m in some kind of transition. They call to me. There are cards I’ve never drawn in thirty years, and others, I draw constantly, like old friends. Tower, again?

  3. I love this deck, its shamanic qualities. The smoke from the fire looks like a snake. A quick check confirms that it looks like the snake Worthington drew on the standing stone on the Adder card from the Druid Animal Oracle. Rebirth!

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