Damh, Cerri and Oscar visit the Cerne Abbas Giant

Damh, Cerri and Oscar visit the Cerne Abbas Giant

Welcome to another Damh, Cerri and Oscar trip. This time we stopped on our way home from a short break in Devon to visit the Cerne Abbas Giant who is a huge chalk figure carved into a Dorset hillside. We found him only to realise he was in dire need of a bit of care and attention. Usually, he is bright white, but this time he was a tad reticent to be seen clearly. Perhaps it was in consideration of the slightly faint of heart as generally he is neither a shy nor retiring fellow, in fact, he could be considered a bit of an exhibitionist. As a bonus, we also discovered a beautiful old village and an even more stunning sacred well near the Abbey. Coming from our very busy area it was wonderful to experience some stillness and peace in this ancient place.

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Thank you both and Oscar for a lovely relaxing video especially the well area it was nature giving a peaceful place for use , thank for a relaxing peaceful experience

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