A Picnic at PetworthPark

A Picnic at PetworthPark

It’s the time of the Deer Rut in Britain. A time when the energies of the wild are palpable and powerful. The Stags are loud and the Does are choosing this year’s mate as the land slowly slides deeper into Autumn. Petworth Park is a National Trust House and Land open to the public, and boy is it public. But the place is full of wildlife all getting on with preparations for the dark seasons. The golden sunlight casts long shadows as the leaves turn a rainbow of colours before falling.

Join us on a walk through the wild with the animals of myth and legend.

You can view the video by clicking the image below, but if it isn’t showing in your email, just click on the title of this post and you’ll be taken to post on my website.


5 responses to “A Picnic at PetworthPark”

  1. OMgoodness! Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful sights and sounds of the season! It was simply beautiful and such a delight.
    I could feel the magical spirits as I watched. Many thanks for sharing the beautiful spaces you visit. Blessings to you all. Especially dear Oscar!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m not in a position to get out anywhere myself currently; still working out the logistics of doing everything on my own since my husband’s passing, so I consider it a privilege to share in your walk, and the beauty of the park and its wildlife.
    I’m really glad we got to see Oscar, too; what a lovely dog he is.

  3. Damh, Cerrie and Oscar, I watched the video for the third time and was finally able to see the Dragon Fly. (watched on my Mac instead of iPhone). I love those little ones and my heart skipped a beat seeing them buzzing around and getting on with their lives. The Does and Stags are an impressive herd. I’ve never seen that many in one place. One of the Stags had at least 8 points on his antlers! You had another great day in nature which you shared with us, so thank you!

  4. What a rewarding day you all had.
    I have been fortunate to spend many a night wild camping high up in the mountains of Scotland, during October, when the Red Deer rutting season is in full swing, their bellowing and groaning continues throughout the night, and echoes all around you, a peaceful night’s sleep is not to be had.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! What an honor to be allowed so close to such magnificent beasts! And to commune with the ancient ones among the trees!

    Blessed be!

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