2015 Album Update

It might have been quiet but I’ve been busy with the new studio album. So far I have 7 songs very near completion, one song fleshed out and needing some attention with arrangement, and two more songs to write and record.

The seven songs that are almost ready are:

On the Shoulders of Giants

Thundersbarrow Hill

The Wicker Man

When you were Young

Forgotten, never be

Scarbrorough Faire (traditional)

Lady in Black (Uriah Heep cover)

The song that waits to be finished is called Sabbat.

Next week I am going into the studio for the entire week to completely finish those 8 songs. I know the themes of the two songs I have yet to write, and I have tunes for both, so I’m hoping I might even get around to beginning those too. We shall see.

So my friends I am still on track for a Spring release. I’ll know a lot more after next week so will keep you posted.

Can’t wait for you all to hear it!

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