Draw a Card, Cast a Rune.

Every Monday when I walk into my studio I draw a tarot card asking what the trends and influences I should be aware of that coming week. Ok, it's Tuesday, but the Bank Holiday meant I didn't step into the studio yesterday, so I'm a day late. I was using

Y Mabinogi – Welcome, Arawn

Every Monday morning I have a ritual. I go to my studio/workspace, light some incense, sit quietly, then shuffle a Tarot deck asking the question, "What are the trends I should be aware of in my life this coming week?" I continue to shuffle the deck, focussing on the question

Divination – Do I Really Want to Know?

We had our Anderida Gorsedd moot this past Monday. Always an interesting night where we pick a topic and pass the talking stick (well, a beer mat actually) around with each person offering their opinions and experiences. On Monday we spoke about divination, and in particular, do we really want

Thinking About – Divination

There was a time in my life when I drew a card every single day. I drew the card to help me understand the flow of my day ahead - what was pulling in one direction, and maybe what was pushing toward another. At the time I was going through

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