Free Meditation Music – Willow Dream – Damh the Bard

This is a piece of meditation music I created for Sacred Nature – Meditations For Health & Healing With The Golden Mean by Philip Carr-Gomm. It was a very different experience recording this piece, and I have to say it was hard to focus as I kept finding myself drifting off into some other place. It’s how I knew the music would work for its intended purpose. So I recommend you listen through headphones, in a peaceful place, close your eyes, and dream into the Willow. Enjoy!!


21 comments on “Free Meditation Music – Willow Dream – Damh the Bard

  1. Sharon

    Oh Damh, I cried! How very lovely. It took me back to my black willow as a child. I was there among her branches again, high above the muddy creek watching the world from behind her sheltering branches, listening to the wind. I miss her so much as I type this with tears streaming. Thank you so much for this music and all the wonderful work you and Phillip do. Blessings πŸ™‚

  2. jeane grondin

    You have evidently heard tibetan monks chanting, or zen monks?
    I have worked with them for years…great work you did…goes right to the pituitary gland and top chakras. Lovely. Thank you for sharing generously, David.

  3. Alison

    This is lovely I have some Buddist chants that I use, and this is just beautiful really. Awen

  4. witchylin

    Thank you Damh for the most amazing music to meditate with. All your music speaks to me but this especially so. Whenever I need a helping, healing hand I turn to your music, your words and your voice. Blessing Lin.

  5. Leaf

    Is this something that can be downloaded to iTunes?
    Its wonderful and reminds me of Eastern Monks and of Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Chants. Beautiful and powerful.

    1. admin

      You should be be to download it for free from the player.

        1. admin

          It seems that Soundcloud have a 100 download limit and this piece reached that pretty quickly. So I’m going to put it up on my download site soon at

  6. Angela Samson

    Love the awen chant Tebeten/Budist monk stye, a very well put together piece. Thank you Dave! /l\

  7. Jan O;Donnell

    This is lovely Dave. Keep telling myself I must make time for more meditation, used to loads and this makes me realize how much I need and miss it. πŸ™‚

  8. Ginnie Crabtree

    We live way up in the hills of Powys the weather has been particularly difficult which means we have been spending a lot of time at home. Spotted this piece and have been listening to it over some days it illustrates the majesty of Nature and everything she gives us. I love the deep sense of eons gone by. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. Caroline

    Oh No! I’ve managed to find the download button at last, but now its says “This track has reached its download limit”. Will there be another chance to download, please?

  10. SharonSharon

    Where did you find it? I’ve been trying to download since this was originally posted. Will there be more chances to download?

  11. admin

    It seems that Soundcloud have a 100 download limit and this piece reached that pretty quickly. So I’m going to put it up on my download site soon at

  12. Raven De Winter

    Please.. Do you have any idea when the Willow Dream Med music might be ready for down load or for purchace on your web page or on iTunes?
    It is the best that I have ever heard and I must get..
    Thanks so much..

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