One of the things I love to do in early Spring is watch the newborn lambs. They seem to come into this world with such a zest for life. Everything is exciting, new, fresh, they are out and ready for action. But as time goes on I guess they see the older sheep around them, looking at the ground, just eating grass, and sure enough these once vibrant creatures join the influence of the masses that surround them.

Human children are born entirely dependent, they take years to learn to skip, jump in puddles, play. As we grow we notice that we are surrounded by adults who, like the older sheep, have taken off their puddle-splashing wellies, and now just eat grass. The fire has gone from their belly, it seems that they too have forgotten how to do anything else.

It’s a challenge not to join them. I mean, it looks so easy just to give in and conform sometimes – like the easiest thing in the world. Go on, just have a taste, once you try it you’ll love it, it’s so easy, it takes all the pain away, you don’t have to try anymore. Go on, have a taste.

Not a bloody chance!