forest pathSometimes, no matter how strong our love for our spiritual path, we can feel a disconnection from that source. Sometimes life is so full of noise that we can no longer hear the sound of our own heart’s longing. Sometimes the grey of daily news appears so strong that we can no longer see the green of the land.

It happens.

It’s happened to me in the past.

I suppose it’ll happen again.

When this feeling of disconnection falls it can be quite devastating. It can feel as if all that we held dear no longer makes sense, no longer feels right, no longer fuels that passion in our lives – the passion of our Spirit.

It hurts.

This disconnection can happen for a number of reasons – a lack of spiritual nourishment in the form of ritual or meditation; the disappointing actions or words of someone we respect or value; the actions of a community that just cannot seem to exist without sometimes angry disagreement; the feeling that somehow the Gods are against us, or not hearing the prayers for our needs; to name just a few. The experience, the end result, is that what we once felt for our spiritual path lessens, or sometimes seems to disappear altogether.

However, there are ways to reconnect.

1) Do nothing. Sometimes we just need a break from our active spiritual paths. It doesn’t mean that the relationship is over, but sometimes trying too hard to bridge that disconnection can make things worse. Sometimes we just need a break. Sometimes we can try so hard to rediscover that connection that the very act of searching feels wrong, and it can make that gap grow, instead of drawing it closer together. Doing nothing might not be right for everyone, but it can be during those moments that we become aware of the sunset whilst driving home from work, or the barn owl caught in the edge of our headlamps, or the old sacred hill we once loved might call  to us again. Unexpectedly, as a gift.

2) Introduce a regular daily spiritual practice – sometimes the disconnection can happen because we are waiting for other people to teach us, or take the lead, or maybe to keep leading. But our spiritual path is a personal one and that connection grows with practice. If we meditate or maybe do a short greeting to each morning, this simple act can keep our connection real and vibrant. When I introduced a regular daily spiritual practice my path changed completely. At first it felt like a chore, now I miss it if I cannot find the space to do it.

3) Take some time to contemplate what it was that drew you to your spiritual path in the first place –  What was it that opened you up? Where were you? Who was there? What were you doing and how were you feeling? Those early moments can represent the source of your inspiration, and over the years your path can be influenced by others, or it can simply change direction, and sometimes that new direction is not as nourishing as what called you in the first place. If it was a book pick it up and read it again. If it was music, put on some headphones and listen to it again. Remember that feeling. Let it flood through you again. Remember.

4) Listen to the land – there are a lot of people ready to offer advice (this blog post being one of them!). The reason for some peoples’ disconnection can be the actions of other people. But the constant teacher is the Land. It is from the land we emerge, and to the land we will return, It is the land that feeds us, gives us our drinking water, or bodies, our stories. Sometimes when we lose our connection to our path what we need to do is get away from the human world and walk into the land. To stop, open our eyes, open our spirits, our ears, to feel and listen. Rediscover our place in the symphony that is the natural world. Human constructions can offer us safety, but often it is our overwhelming immersion in the human realm that unplugs us from our spiritual path. Turn off your mobile, and walk out into nature. Then breathe, and hear the voices of the land speak and sing.

Maybe you have sometimes felt a disconnection and you found a way to reconnect that I haven’t covered.

Do you have a story to tell?

If so, do leave a comment.