badgeI’m a modern Druid.

What does it bring to mind when you read those words?

Do you have an image of what that is, the kind of things I like, the way I behave, what I wear, who I am?

Some would say that I have just ‘labelled’ myself, but have I really? I would suggest that we look at little deeper.

I have to be honest, I don’t like the way the word label is used in this context. It is restrictive, inaccurate, and quite pointless. In truth we relate to many things and one of the things I relate to is modern Druidry. I am in relationship with it to the point that I identify with being one myself.

I also go crazy at Download Rock Festival to Slipknot and Slayer, and sing along to classic folk songs at my local folk club.

I care for the environment, recycle, buy as ethically as I can, but I also love Formula One and have to use air travel to go and play at overseas concerts.

I’m a pacifist who loves horror movies and books.

I believe in reincarnation, and I have no idea what will happen to me when I die..

My music is my life.

My kids are my life.

My family and relationships are my life.

My spirituality is my life.

I love company.

I love to be alone.

So I am a modern Druid, but this is not a label. None of them are labels. They are the things I love and enjoy, the roadsigns of my life, the things that, all together, make up who I am. Individually not one of the them defines me, together they make up my life.

I don’t use labels.

I couldn’t afford the bill from Avery…