Tales from the Road – New York City

Really? It’s taken this long for me to sit down and write about my overseas tour that ended a month ago? Yes it has.

When we got back I obviously had lots to catch up with, and then it was back on the road again for my tour here in England. I’m taking a couple of days between gigs then it’s off to Leeds and Birmingham tomorrow, but that’s for another blog…

IMG_3974On the 17th September me and Cerri set off for Heathrow for a flight to New York City in the U. S. of A. From the moment I woke up, and throughout my stay there I had Frank going through my head.

“Start spreading’ the news, I’m leaving today, I’m gonna be a part of it…”

You get the drift.

It was funny at first.

After the car journey, the flight, and the full day in the city it was wearing thin. Partly because that’s the only bit of the song I know…

We were met at JFK airport by the lovely Renu, a Hindu Druid (yes we had some amazing conversations!) and OBOD member living in the city who was kindly sharing her home with us, and taking the time to show us around the following day. We went to her favourite Indian restaurant that evening and we had the most glorious meal with other OBOD members and friends who were going to the OBOD East Coast Gathering. But when I started seeing double I realised the jet lag had truly hit and it was time to go to sleep. I find that if you can make it until dark you have an easier time with jet lag.

The next day we headed out to see some of the city before moving on to the camp site in the evening. We went to 42nd Street and Times Square, then took a yellow taxi ride back to the docksIMG_3980 on the Hudson River for a three hour boat ride around Manhattan Island.

Things that struck me?

I thought 42nd Street and times Square would be bigger. They are really pretty small, but then it seems like an awful lot is packed onto quite a small space.

The soundtrack on NYC really is the sound of car horns blowing. It really is. How anyone knows who is beeping whom I have no idea.

But I loved it there. It felt completely alive, like the city was it’s own sentient being.

The trip on the Hudson was my favourite part. Not only did we get that iconic view of Manhattan, but there was also Lady Liberty, who began as a small silhouette on the horizon, then grew into the majestic figure she is. As she stood before me I had to take a moment to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I looked around. There was the boat, and Cerri, and Renu. Looked back and there she was. I felt like I’d seen her before. Every crease in her IMG_3993clothing, her colour, the expression on her face. I’d seen her so many times before on the TV and in books that it felt quite unreal to see her in the flesh. My favourite thing about her? That she is not standing still. She looks like she is simply standing sentinel, but she isn’t. The heel of one of her feet is raised, as if she is about to take a giant step, but has been caught in this pose, yet ready to stride on when needed.


We left New York and on the way sampled a NY pizza. Well, you have to don’t you. As night fell we arrived at the site of the OBOD East Coast Gathering.

To be continued…IMG_4162

2 responses to “Tales from the Road – New York City”

  1. Fascinating, for all my years living in the USA and touring the USA – I’ve never been to NYC, but your description opens it up 🙂 I’m not a city loving person so that’s mainly why I have avoided.

    The car horns is funny. I thought that about Boston.

    Chicago was the shock city for me in the USA. I was amazed how clean and friendly the city is and how people are so, so proud of their Chicago. I suspect something similar for New York.

    Looking forward to reading more from there.

  2. What a great post! It was like being there with you.

    An interview with Renu might be really interesting for the podcast.

    Looking forward to your next update!

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