Tales from the Road: ‘I’ve got something for you.’

I played at Oakleaf camp last weekend. A wonderful camp that wears its Paganism on it sleeve, there in full view, for all to see. I love it, and I love the people who go there. It’s always a fantastic gig.

I was unloading my car when a woman called Lin approached me and we had a chat about my blog and she told me that she couldn’t seem to post comments any more. I had thought people were now commenting more on Twitter and Facebook but when I got home I found a conflict in the code of the site that I deleted and tada! Comments came through again.

After our discussion about the blog she looked directly at me and said, “I’ve got something for you.”

She gave me a wrapped object with a note inside:


Your craft of words and music means so much to Gary and me. This is to thank you, using my craft of quilting,



I opened the parcel and was moved to tears by what I saw.

I love what I do, I live for what I do, and when people do this for me I am always stunned that they would take the time to do it. I never expect it, but when it happens it is so lovely.

Here is a photo of us with her gift.

Oakleaf Camp July 2013 001

There have been others over the years who have made me embroideries, pyrography boxes, calligraphy posters and staffs. All are in my music room, on the walls or in prominent places, and this quilt will join them.

I am blessed.

11 responses to “Tales from the Road: ‘I’ve got something for you.’”

  1. That was such a lovely story, I had a tear in my eye to x your gift was really amazing, so thank you for sharing x bright blessings x

  2. Lovely. The work involved in that must have taken hundreds of hours. Lin once made a cloak for me and it was a lovely piece of craftsmanship (craftswomanship?!).

  3. I think that you underestimate what a profound effect you have on those who hear your songs! You underpin and vocalise what we feel in our hearts and minds and bring a sense of joy. Your energy is infectious and your commitment very clear to see. You are blessed with a talent, conviction and personality that brings so much to others, including a warmth that makes all feel part of you. Thank you.

  4. So beautiful. Creativity is an act of spirit and this comes shining through from the giver, the gift and the receiver. Bless you for sharing.

    • Giving is such a rewarding feeling. Considering you give so much pleasure with your music, it’s nice to be the receiver for change. /I\

  5. Giving is such a rewarding feeling. Considering you give so much pleasure with your music, it’s nice to be the receiver for change. /I\

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